On Oct. 17, USACE turned over another uniformed police district headquarters compound to the Afghan National Police. This district headquarters is located in Shindand, Herat province.

Similar to other district headquarters built by the Afghanistan Engineer District-South for the Afghan Uniform Police, the Shindand compound consists of a perimeter wall, entry control points, guard towers, billeting for 60 personnel, office space, holding cells, vehicle parking, kitchen and dining facilities and all associated infrastructure components.

"Since the district has been in existence, we've constructed and turned over 24 uniform police district headquarters and 18 more are currently under construction," said Jeff Usavage, the South District's Afghan National Police program manager.

This project was constructed by the Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Architecture Organization for $1.4 million beginning March 14, 2010, and completed the project Aug. 29.

"The biggest challenge we had to overcome on this project was finding a solution for waste water disposal," said Frances Hinkley, project manager deployed from USACE's Mobile District. "The water table is high at the project location, but after doing considerable research, the contractor devised a solution that will support the incoming occupants well."

"We are glad to get this project off the books," said Donny Davidson, the Herat Area Office lead engineer. "This area needs more security and with the completion of this compound, the Government of Afghanistan can provide the Shindand residents with an effective police force."