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As a publisher or administrator, you are responsible for updating your organization’s CORE Page, and one of the easiest ways to keep your content fresh is by adding released articles to it.

For an article to be added to your Page, members from your organization must first write the article, submit it for review, and release it. To learn more about the content creation and approval process, visit Inbox 101.

Once an article is released, it can be displayed on your Page in a News List section.

Types of News Lists

There are three types of news lists available in CORE.

Latest News
Displays the most recently published articles from your organization.
Tagged News
Displays the most recently published articles tagged with a specific keyword.
Featured News
Displays specific articles chosen by the Page publisher.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on what type of news list you want to feature on your Page.

For Latest News or Tagged News lists:

  • Articles will automatically appear live on your Page once they are released. No need to re-publish your Page in CORE.
  • Any team member who has permission to release articles can also publish content to your Page.
  • You cannot change the order of articles, unless you change the release date on the article.
  • You cannot remove an article for this list, unless you retract the article and removing it from altogether.

For Featured News lists:

  • You must manually add each article and re-publish to make updates appear live on
  • You have complete control over the articles that are featured on your Page. Team members that have permission to release an article CANNOT automatically publish content to your Page.
  • You can add, remove and change the order of articles that appear in this section.

Add a News List section

  1. Click on Page from the main menu.
  2. From your Edit Page screen, select a tab in the navigation bar where you want to add your news list. (If you don’t see a navigation bar below your header, you can add navigation or simply add the section to a single page layout.)
  3. Hover over the area on the page where you want to add your section. An Add Section marker will appear, showing you where a new section can be inserted.
  4. Click Add Section to open the Section menu.
  5. Select News List in the menu.
  6. In the News List lightbox editor, you can customize several options.
  7. Section Title
    Add an optional title for the section. If this field is left blank, then no title will appear above the section.
    Choose a Source
    Click the down arrow next to Source to select a type of news list. (See Types of News Lists above for a description of each)
    Number of Articles
    Click on the and buttons to change the number of articles that appear in the section. You can display up to 30 articles.
    This option applies to Latest News and Tagged News lists.
    Tag Filter
    Enter a tag in this field and click Enter. You can enter multiple tags. Click the to remove a tag.
    This option only applies to Tagged News lists. Keep in mind, you must add tags to all articles that you want to appear in this section.
    Add Articles
    Search for specific released articles and add them to a custom news feed.
    This option only applies to Featured News lists. To learn more, visit Featured News.
  8. Once you’ve finished setting up your section, click Add to close the lightbox. The new section will appear on your Page.
NOTE: You can only feature content from one source (latest news, tagged news, or featured news) in each section. However, you can add multiple News List sections to a page to feature all of the content you want.



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