CORE Pages


CORE Pages offer organizations a great way to connect with their Army community on You can use this centralized space to promote news and information that are important to your digital audience.

Key features of CORE Pages

  • Customizable navigation and page layout options
  • Hosted on domain (URL format:
  • Branded, mobile-optimized template
  • Tied to your organization’s article submission and review process

CORE Page requirements

In order to qualify for a CORE Page:

  1. Your organization must be a two-star level command and above.
  2. Your Page must be updated every two months at a minimum. This means your team must produce enough content to keep your news feed up-to-date.
Want a CORE Page but you don’t meet the organizational requirements? Contact the CORE Support Team and provide a brief justification for why your unit/command/organization would like a CORE Page – geographically isolated from the rest of the command, losing your print publication, etc.

User functions

Each Page is owned by a single organization, so CORE users must be an administrator or publisher of that organization to access the Page.

Full access to manage the page and add other team members as Publishers to assist with page content management
Customize all Page information and content, including the header, navigation tabs, sections, and metadata
Access to edit articles that appear on Page; No access to any Page management features
NOTE: If a Page contains a News List section set to most recently released or tagged articles, then an editor can automatically populate your Page with articles, simply by releasing articles from their Inbox.

Creating and customizing your Page

All publishers and administrators within a qualifying organization have access to create and/or modify their Page, simply by clicking on the Page main menu option. From here, you will either be prompted to create a new Page or be directed to the edit your existing one.

We drastically expanded a Publisher’s page management capabilities, so you no longer need to contact the CORE Support Team to request changes to your Page. You can now:

Deactivating your Page

If your organization no longer wishes to feature a Page on, then your Administrators have the ability to deactivate your Page. Your page will be removed from within a few minutes, but all of your content will still be available in CORE. The Administrator can login to reactivate your Page at any time.

NOTE: If your organization wants to permanently delete a Page and all of its associated content from CORE, please contact the CORE Support Team.

Our support team is here for you.