Page FAQs


Who is the owner of a Page?

The Page owner is the same as the organization owner. The owner is the only user capable of deleting the Page from You must transfer ownership to another user if you leave an organization.

Can editors change articles on my Page?

Editors do not have access to customize Page sections or layout. If your Page contains a News List section, then editors will have access to edit content in the articles and re-release them.

If your News List section is set to most recently released or tagged articles, then an editor can automatically populate your Page with articles, simply by releasing them from their Inbox. Featured News List section requires articles to be manually placed on the Page, so an editor CANNOT control these articles.

What happens to an article that is removed from a Page?

Publishers can manually add and remove articles from a Featured News List sections on their Page. If an article is removed from a Page, it still remains active in CORE and on You must retract articles individually from the Released Inbox list to remove them from being publicly accessible.

How do I change my page URL?

Organization publishers and administrators do not have access to change their Page’s web address. Please submit a request to the CORE Support Team.


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