Corps continues preparations for upcoming building move
Building progress continues at the First National Bank building in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

District staff are working hard, preparing for the upcoming move to the First National Bank building.

Army Maj. Nick Vottero, district move coordinator, said that the project has remained on schedule to this point in large part due to the great work by the movement teams.

“The contributions of Mike McGarvey [logistics] leading the movement team; Vanessa Alberto [planning], Shannon Bauer [public affairs] and Emily Chavolla [visual information] developing the artwork plan; Ozzie Melendez [information technology] ensuring IT support throughout the move; Kim Warshaw [project management] overseeing critical contracts; and countless others have been invaluable to the success of the move,” Vottero said.

Construction began in the new building in December and it is anticipated that employees will begin moving, floor-by-floor this July. Guidance will be provided to employees in March on how to pack and label items in individual offices and cubicles. Additionally, all employees will telework full time in April, while their cubicles are dismantled and reinstalled in the new building.

Employees should not start packing their personal cubicles or offices until they receive the guidance, but they should start reducing their footprint by taking personal items home and going through files and disposing of items that are no longer needed. Personal items, such as plants, will not be moved, and employees will not be reimbursed for items that are damaged or lost during the move.

Vottero said when employees move into the new building, they should expect their nameplate on a cube and all their personal property inside it. Instructions will be sent out on how to disassemble and reassemble phones, docking stations and monitors.

“We want to make this move as convenient for employees as possible,” he said. “The goal is for employees to have a functional workspace immediately upon arrival.”

Prior to employee arrivals, common areas and conference rooms will be set up, new chairs and appliances will be delivered, and most of the artwork will be installed.