RABAT, Parwan Province, Afghanistan- Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas and Czech Republic Soldiers from the 8th Force Protection Company, all members of Task Force Spartan, based out of Bagram Airfield, visited their partners from the Afghan National Security Forces here. Together they are building a better Joint Combat Outpost, JCOP, for stronger security of the area. Task Force Spartan brought in an electrician and a structural engineer team from the USFOR-A Joint Engineers to do an assessment of the JCOP structures. Their assessment identified what is needed to build a regional joint coordination center in Rabat. The outpost will serve as a base to train and conduct operations supporting the five ANDSF's that include two Afghan National Army kandaks, an element of the National Directorate of Security, a unit of the Provincial Security Unit, and an Afghan National Police Unit that control the Bagram Ground Defense Area, BGDA."We want to show that our commitment to the partnership, to the security of Parwan, Province is at the forefront of everything we are doing. We understand the importance of the relationship and our ability, to communicate, to coordinate and to operate as one, " said Major Carmen Bucci, operations officer, TF Spartan. The night before the mission, a rocket was shot at Bagram Airfield. All elements on the JCOP played a role in capturing the two suspects. This is just one of the instances that TF Spartan and the ANDSF work together to build a stronger bond and a safer BGDA. Building up the JCOP is building a stronger launching platform in the BGDA and another step in the direction for a stronger future for Afghanistan. "We want to provide a product that is structurally sound for the Soldiers and the host nation we are currently in (Afghanistan) to live in and survive after we leave," said Sgt. 1st Class James Foster, 34th Engineer Detachment, United States Forces Afghanistan who conducted the assessment of the roofs at the outpost."It's through our deeds not our words that show how important this relationship is," said Bucci. "The greater partnership that we have and that is not just U.S. it is not just Afghans, but together we are able to shoulder the responsibility. To pitch in and share blood, sweat and tears together is how we will build a strong foundation for the future of Afghanistan." TF Spartan will continue to support their Afghan partners and continue to build a stronger bond for future operations. This type of partnership will continue to help keep the Soldiers, Civilians and contractors serving on Bagram Airfield safer in the future.