U.S. Army Fort Drum

The United States Army


USAG Fort Drum provides Best in Army services and infrastructure for our Soldiers, Families and Civilians who support our Nation during a time of persistent conflict.



1 Pacific Pivot
2 2016 CSA's Memorial Day PSA
3 Lightning Strike 15 - Urban Ops Training
4 Lightning Strike 15 - C-IED
5 Mangudai III Mud Pit
6 Army-Navy Helicopter Water Rescue Training at Yokosuka
7 Soldiers Make History
8 Yama Sakura 67 Opening Ceremony and Press Conference
9 Sergeant Major of the Army visits Camp Humphreys
10 Sgt. Maj. of the Army visits Camp Zama
11 ILW Contemporary Military Forum VI: Asia Pacific Rebalance – Pacific Pathways and Beyond
12 Soldiers Light the Sky
13 Keris Strike 14
14 Chief of Staff of the Army: Regional Alignment
15 "A Closer Look: Return to the Pacific"
16 Soldiers Update: MOUT training
17 Soldiers Update: Camp Casey rail operations