BALKH PROVINCE, Afghanistan (July 29, 2012) - The 10th Sustainment Brigade's Team Lightning completed the construction of Logistics Support Area Lightning, July 10, as one of the first steps in opening up the new strategic logistics hub for Regional Command-North, here.

The team consisted of Soldiers from several different units who came together to work on the project. Logistics Support Area, or LSA, Lightning is the first LSA constructed on Camp Pratt, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, and was completed in less than 30 days. Enabling completion of the strategic logistics hub ahead of schedule, the LSA will provide billeting, showers, latrines, laundry, gym, and MWR facilities, as well as a dining facility.

Capt. Adam R. Christenson, Team Lightning's officer in charge, said that it's amazing to see a group of Soldiers come together as a team and take ownership of a project.

"Team Lightning had a clear mission and the Soldiers moved with a purpose, taking pride in their work and doing what others said couldn't be done," said Christenson.

Soldiers worked for more than three weeks in intense heat and dusty conditions. They conducted 24-hour operations to ensure the construction was completed as soon as possible.
Soldiers were proud to see that all their hard work paid off. Some Soldiers were happy to be in a place with new facilities.

Spc. Tanya A. Christophe, a food service specialist assigned to 514th Support Maintenance Company, said she is proud of being a part of the team who built the LSA and is excited to be working with new equipment in the dining facility.

Soldiers like the new billets and the overall feel of the LSA. They will now be able to live in the area and continue to work on the site.

"I have enough space and it is quiet out here," said Spc. Gretchen Sinclair, a food service specialist assigned to 378th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. "It's cleaner, newer and there is less traffic."

Christenson thanked the mechanics, cooks, truck drivers, and signal Soldiers who made up Team Lightning as well as the RC-North Southwest Expansion Area Operational Planning Team.

"It was a real honor to work with Team Lightning," said Christenson.

Everyone is welcome to stay at LSA Lightning. Soldiers moved in after the grand opening ceremony and the recognition of Soldiers from Team Lightning.

"This project is just another example of our executors accomplishing whatever mission is given to them," said Command Sgt. Maj. Jose A. Castillo, 10th Sustainment Brigade senior enlisted advisor. "Their go hard, no fail attitude proves that this is the best combat tested force in the world."