FORT STEWART, Ga. - The cold, crisp early morning air Jan. 19 held many emotions for the Soldiers of Detachment C, 24th Financial Management Company, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, Third Infantry Division as 24 Provider Soldiers prepared to deploy to Afghanistan.

"The Soldiers are ready to do what the Army has called them to do," said Command Sgt. Maj. Clifton Johnson, Command Sergeant Major for 3rd Sustainment Bde., 3rd ID. "They will perform their mission in Afghanistan as Anxiety, sadness and excitement were some of the emotions felt that morning.

"I'm very anxious to get over there and start working," said 1st Lt. Jay Knight, an officer in Detachment C, 24th FM Co., STB, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, 3rd ID. "This will be my first deployment in finance. I deployed as an infantry man before so things will be a lot different this time."

This will also be the first deployment for 1st Lt. Knight being married to Amiee Knight. "I feel like I have go through a deployment, like it's a rite of passage as an Army wife," she said. "Our faith is big; it will bring us closer to God while he is deployed."

Families are very important to the Soldiers during a deployment. Some were not ready to leave their loved ones.

Private Nicholas Auritt held his 2-year-old baby girl almost the entire time while the Families said their goodbyes.

"I really appreciate what all the Family Members do; the Soldiers cannot do it without their support," said Command Sgt. Maj. Johnson. "Use this 12-month tour as a career tool to put under your belt, and you will be home in no time."

The Charlie Detachment of 24th FM is set to be deployed in Afghanistan for 12 months.
the 'pay masters' and come home safely."