Soldiers assigned to the 155th ICTC, 10th Transportation Battalion, 7th Sustainment Brigade began arriving to Afghanistan June 29 under the leadership of Capt. Tera Autrey and First Sgt. Anthony Sanders, with a non-stop operational tempo the unit is working consistently, leaving its mark on each of its operational bases.

The 155 ICTC officially took command and control of their Area of Responsibility July 25. However, Soldiers have been working tirelessly at Camp Dehdadi since the end of June by escorting Strategic Air shipments, and prepping for the arrival of the unit's advance party team.

An operational review was conducted of Camps Marmal, Spann, Dehdadi II, and Hairatan Gate. Upon completion of the review the advance party team split up with the unit's Noncommissioned Officers of Marmal and Hairatan being sent to their respective areas of responsibility to begin cross-training with their counterparts from the 302nd ICTC, the unit they are replacing.

A team of 26 Soldiers located at Camp Marmal is responsible for the Central Receiving Shipping Point yard as well as the Support Operations office. Since taking over CRSP yard operations, the Soldiers have successfully moved more than 1,100 pieces of equipment to include containers, pallets and rolling stock. They also coordinate with the Dehdadi SPO office to plan convoys that run to and from Hairatan Gate, Dehdadi II, and Kunduz.

Dehdadi II has been a flurry of activity since the unit took over. A total of 22 Soldiers run the DDII CRSP yard and have provided the movement of over 1,700 pieces of equipment, and have conducted a complete and thorough inventory of their yard. The CRSP yard Soldiers support numerous organizations throughout the Forward Operating Base to include the Mayor's Cell, the Army Air Force Exchange Service, and all of the battalions that occupy the FOB. The CRSP yard operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week, where there is always a mission on the move.

The unit's operations section remains busy, and adapts readily to changing deployment orders, the biggest of which states that their deployment, already shortened from one year to nine months, is to be shortened yet again, to six months. This change of event requires quick action from the unit's supply and movements sections as they prepare to redeploy almost as soon as they complete cross-training with the outgoing 302nd ICTC.

Overall, morale remains high with Soldiers taking pride in their daily operational duties, and being deployed. The 155th ICTC has always been a major player in any role it undertakes, and this deployment is no different. High morale combined with a strong work ethic ensures a solid start to this deployment, however long it may be.