KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Aug. 11--The Afghan officer in charge of training Afghan National Army and Afghan Nation Police Humvee drivers came to see the Afghan National Army Humvee Refurbishment program, being conducted by the 401st Army Field Support Battalion-Kandahar.

Maj. Mohammad Zahir came to see the refurbishment operation being conducted by the 401st AFSBn and AC First as part of a program that will turnover refurbished Humvees to the Afghan National Army and Police.

“I learned a lot.” said Zahir. “We are happy to come out and check out the Humvee.”

The major was given a tour of the maintenance bays where the vehicles are rebuilt from the ground up. He was then taken on a road test of one in one the refurbished vehicles and saw how mechanics take the vehicles through different tests.

“I like making sure the vehicles are 100 percent.” said Paul Ferguson, a Department of the Army Civilian from Anniston Army Depot in Alabama. Ferguson explained to Zahir how he road tests the Humvees by bringing them up to speed to test the transmission and taking them over steep inclines to test the suspension.

The Afghan Nation Army Refurbishment Program is a coalition program that will turn over thousands of Humvees to the Afghans and teach them how to use and maintain them. Coalition partners teach and mentor the Afghans as part of the program.

“It’s very personality driven.” said Australian Army Sgt. Andre Borg, mentor for the Afghan 205th Maintenance Corps. “If you don’t mesh with them it’s hard.”

The program is part of the larger effort to help the Afghan people maintain their own security.

“I like this for our army.” said Zahir. “This is stronger for IED.”