Release #091111-003
Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

November 11, 2009

Release #091111-003
For Immediate Release
Eyes on, hands off
ISAF Gen. lends ear to ANP commanders

By Sgt. Stephen Decatur
4th Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs, 82nd Airborne Division

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of International Security Assistance Force, visited Afghan National Police stations in Kandahar Nov. 6 to learn more about how they operate and what ISAF can do to assist them. McChrystal also addressed the policemen, telling them that the future of Afghanistan was in their hands.
"This is your country and your fight," McChrystal said. "We want to help you until your force is strong enough to fight the Taliban on your own."
McChrystal was particularly interested in issues such as combating corruption, drug use and meeting equipment needs. One station commander who has fired drug users from his unit, ANP 1st Lt. Yar Mohammed, told McChrystal he felt that effectively fighting corruption and drug use depends upon leaders.
"Corruption is directly linked to leadership," Mohammed said. "If a leader is involved, then all of the personnel in the chain of command will be the same way, but for myself, I don't even smoke cigarettes!"
McChrystal told the policemen that he understood they have more casualties than any other service in Afghanistan today, and thanked them for their perseverance.
"We know how much the police have suffered," McChrystal said. "We know we need to get you more weapons and better facilities. But while we're doing that, I appreciate your courage."


091106-A-2388D-021 1st Lt. Yar Mohammed (left), an Afghan National Police station commander, tells Gen. Stanley McChrystal about his operations Nov. 6 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Stephen Decatur)

091106-A-2388D-047 Gen. Stanley McChrystal listens to 2nd Lt. Wali Mohammed, an Afghan National Police station commander, while he describes his operations Nov. 6 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Stephen Decatur)

091106-A-6917B-015 Gen. Stanley McChrystal (center) speaks with Afghan National Police and Afghan Border Police Nov. 6 during a visit to Kandahar Air Field. (U.S. Army photo by Maj. Michelle Baldanza)