21-12 - NCO Crosswalk Guide

By Center for Army Lessons LearnJune 23, 2020

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Since 1982, the National Training Center (NTC) has provided documents containing observations and recommendations to the force in an effort to assist organizational growth. Most of these documents focused on the entire organization, but not specifically on the noncommissioned officer (NCO). In 2019, the Operations Group from NTC introduced a crosswalk that provided recommendations for sergeants major (SGMs) and command sergeants major (CSMs). When developed, the intent of the crosswalk was to identify roles and responsibilities that SGMs often questioned during their rotation at NTC. This document is still circulated throughout the force with the same goal intended during its production: Preparing NCOs for decisive action rotations and large-scale combat operations (LSCO) at the NTC.

As the responsibility of the NCO continues to evolve, the Operations Group wanted to extend this guide to address the first sergeant and platoon sergeant positions. We acknowledged that many actions conducted by these professionals were often dictated by unit standard operating procedures (SOPs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) developed during home-station training. We also recognized the disconnect often identified during NTC rotations: The ability to execute what has been taught at home station and the experience to identify when and how to employ lessons during rotations at NTC.

The intent of the crosswalk document and other documents provided are not to discredit the hard work leaders are doing across the force. Our goal is to maximize training events by providing doctrinal-based observations that are seen each month while units conduct LSCO in the Mojave Desert. Understanding the challenges at home station, we acknowledge how important it is to use professional observers to train entire brigade combat teams (BCTs) (armored, Stryker, infantry). This is why we continually emphasize the importance of providing feedback. Feedback can assist in home-station training that directly correlates with the operational environment in which Soldiers and leaders will train.

As always, we are here to help leaders create the most effective warfighting organizations possible. If anything is needed in your formation in this reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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