A Soldier with the Bronco Brigade got an early birthday present last week when he was recognized for his actions by the Brigade’s top enlisted leader.Pvt. Drake Tutt, an infantryman with D Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division was presented a coin from Command Sgt. Maj. Thinh Huynh, the brigade’s command sergeant major, at the Clovis Ray memorial conference room in the brigade’s headquarters May 7, 2020 for upholding the Army values and displaying integrity during a tough situation.“If a brand new Soldier to the Army can do what this Soldier did, there’s no reason any other Soldier can’t do the same thing,” said Huynh.Tutt nervously stood in front of a room filled with the brigade and all of the battalion’s command sergeant’s major. He was not made aware in advance why he was being called to the headquarters.“It was weird,” said Tutt. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was really, really, really nervous.”Tutt arrived to the brigade seven weeks ago shortly before the stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was issued to Soldiers across Oahu. He has been conducting virtual training and online courses as required by his unit from his barracks room and hasn’t had the opportunity to fully experience the life of an infantryman.Tutt grew up with military parents and said he always knew he would join the military.“I knew since I was 8, that I was going to join the military,” said Tutt. “I wanted to join the Marines, but I decided the Army was better.”He joined the Army in July, 2019 and completed Infantry one station unit training basic combat training and then went to Ranger school where he became injured and couldn’t complete the training.Tutt said, “I want to go to Jungle School first and when I complete that, go back to Ranger school and finish.”Tutt is a fine example of the type of Soldier the Army is recruiting, and even though he doesn’t have much experience yet, he has a great understanding of the Army values that are drilled into new recruits when they go through initial entry training. He has a bit of advice for all Soldiers that find themselves in tough situations.“Do what you think is right,” said Tutt. “You should follow through with why you joined the Army.”