FORT HOOD, TEXAS -- The 120th Infantry Brigade held a change of command ceremony on Cameron Field, Fort Hood, Texas June 21, 2018. Col. Brian A. Payne passed the reins to Col. Lance Cangelosi after an early morning awards ceremony.Payne began his command after the clasp of three mobilization brigades and a portion of the Division West staff to make the 120th Inf. Bde."During Payne's 24-month tenure the 'Bayonet Brigade' has been doing some heavy lifting is an understatement," said Maj Gen. Erik C. Peterson, commanding general, First Army Division West. "Our Army leadership has placed increased emphasis on our military's combat readiness on Army reserves and National Guard forces. This has placed a new demand on the 120th and their mission of building reserve component readiness and deploying units across the globe."The change of command served as a platform to emphasize the uniqueness of the brigade."On a day two years ago just like this I assumed command of the brigade, like many of you, I had very little knowledge of First Army, the 120th Infantry Brigade, and the reserve component mobilization process," said Payne. Since then I have found that very few, outside of Fort Hood, know what we do. I want to close that knowledge gap"Payne elaborated on the detailed amount of training that took place during his command."Annually the Soldiers here conduct mission exercises for four infantry divisions, two expeditionary sustainment commands, four sustainment brigades, two combat aviation brigades, and we will soon be cutting our feet with our first armored combat team in July," said Payne. "In addition, the team also supports nearly 100 battalion level and below situational excises during the year."The 120th mission has enabled FORCOM to provide combatant commanders with trained and readied forces, stated Peterson."We cannot accomplish our increasingly complex global Army mission without our reserve component teammates. The Soldiers of the brigade have been out there partnering with National Guard and Reserve leadership," said Peterson. "Advising, assisting, training and validating Reserve component formations to achieve directive readiness requirements, all under Col. Payne's guidance."With 15 battalions and 800 Soldiers, the 120th Inf. Bde. has trained approximately 200 units and 21,000 troops for deployment."The training provided here represents the last and sometimes the only collective training these units execute before deploying to a combat zone," said Payne. "Our team partners with the units as soon as they are notified for deployment at home station, step by step, and to include training by the observer coach/trainer through their MRX."Mission command starts at the top, great teams win in transition and I can think of no one better to assume this role than Col. Lance Cangelosi. Said Payne "Bayonet Six leaving the net. Out."When Cangelosi permanently changed stations in 2015 he didn't know he would be back once again as the 120th Inf. Bde. commander."This morning is a perfect day I am thankful and humbled to be back at the great place. Three years ago when I left with my family we didn't imagine being back so soon," said Cangelosi. "I'm proud to be part of the First Army family and the Phantom Corps team."The incoming commander kept his remarks short while giving thanks and acknowledging the brigade's reputation."I will strive to uphold the standards of First Army Division West. I want to take this time to thank the officers and Soldiers of the Bayonet Brigade, you have a first-rate reputation and I truly believe we can build this reputation," said Cangelosi."General Perkins use to say '"A lot of folks spend too much time telling you what they do and it's much more important to say what they're for.'" As I have gotten to know this brigade it has become incredibly clear what we are for, making every mobilizing and deploying unit the best that they can be," stated Cangelosi. "We don't seek self-glorification or the limelight, our success lies with their success. I'm looking forward to leading this brigade for the next two years." -30-