FORT HOOD, Texas- Brave Rifles troopers, friends and Families of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment looked on as Col. Jonathan C. Byrom and Command Sgt. Maj. Adam Nash, the regimental command team cased the regiment's colors signifying the regiment's deployment to Iraq during a ceremony April 18, 2018, on Cameron Field.For 171 years, since its constitution in 1846, the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen has been answering the nation's call to service. The regiment is answering that call once again, as it heads out the door to support Operation Inherent Resolve."I am proud and in awe of what the nation has asked of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment," Byrom said. "Thirteen of the last 15 years, the regiment has been deployed. That is simply amazing and shows the confidence of the Army and this nation in this storied regiment."The regiment is returning to Iraq as part as part of a regular rotation of forces and in an advise and assist role to Iraqi military forces. Upon their arrival, the regiment will replace the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division."By casing these colors, we demonstrate that a majority of the formation is prepared to go into harm's way to protect the values and way of life that we hold near and dear as Americans," Byrom said.He added, "When we arrive in theater, we will uncase these colors, illustrating we are prepared to assume the myriad of missions in the region."Spc. Troy Guillory, a petroleum supply specialist with Alpha Troop, Regimental Support Squadron said he is excited and ready to take on any mission he may receive."I feel pretty confident in what I've been taught and have learned from my leaders," Guillory said. "I just want to get the experience and one deployment under my belt so I won't feel so new and green."Guillory said he has no feelings of nervousness and that his approach to handling the deployment is to remain a professional trooper, not succumb to pressure, and to roll with the changes."If you paid attention and use the skills you were taught, I don't see any reason to be nervous," Guillory reasoned.Platoon leader 1st Lt. Brandon Dill, with Renegade Troop, 4th Squadron said he is excited to deploying for the first time in his military career."I look forward to all the good things we'll be doing down range," Dill said.Through rigorous months of training and a culminating training exercise at the National Training Center, Byrom stated that the regiment is more than ready to answer the nation's call to fight and win anywhere in the world, just as it has been doing for the last 171 years."The same holds true for this deployment as we work with host nation forces to help them continue the rebuilding of their country while continuing the destruction of ISIS," Byrom said.