FORT HOOD, Texas - With a strong freezing wind blowing across the tarmac, about 30 Soldiers from Detachment D, 230th Financial Management Company, walked slowly to a waiting plane Dec. 21, beginning their year-long deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The detachment is a part of the Fort Carson-based 230th Financial Management Company, but it is attached to the 15th Sustainment Brigade's Special Troops Battalion here at Fort Hood.

According to Capt. Owen Brown, a native of Baltimore and the commander of the detachment, the unit will be spread between Kuwait and Qatar, providing military pay support and other finance services to Soldiers in the region.

"We're ready," said Brown, this is his second deployment with the 230th.

This is the first deployment for Spc. Amber Vela, a finance clerk and San Antonio, native with the detachment, who said she isn't too worried about the deployment.

"It's not a big deal," Vela said.

Since the deployment comes just days before the Christmas holiday, Vela celebrated early with her parents and two kids while on block leave in San Antonio.

"Just like the whole Christmas tree thing - presents and stuff like that," Vela said.

Sgt. Stacie Arjona, also a finance clerk, said she didn't do anything special for the holidays, but her parents brought her daughter from Calif. to visit her over the weekend.

"That was special enough for me," she said.

This is the second deployment for Arjona, a Brawley, Calif., native, and she is ready to go.

"[I'm] anxious to go," Arjona said. "I know once I get on that plane, the countdown begins for my return, so I can be with my daughter and my husband."

Her husband is currently stationed in Korea, and is supposed to return shortly before her scheduled redeployment.

Arjona is assigned to Detachment D, 15th Financial Management Company, at Fort Sill, Okla., and is deploying with the 230th because they needed a noncommissioned officer.