FORT STEWART, GA -- The commanding general for the United States Army Forces Command, Gen. Charles Campbell visited Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield, July 14 to participate in the 3rd Infantry Division Change of Command and to recognize outgoing command team, Maj. Gen. Rick and Sarah Lynch prior to the command change.

Noting the 3rd Infantry Division did some heavy lifting for the Army in their recent 15-month deployment to Iraq, Campbell said the Marne Soldiers exhibited outstanding pride and dedication in that cause.

The FORSCOM commander said the Army recruits more than 170,000 young men and women every year. He said they answer their nation's call, knowing that they choose to put themselves in harms way, defending the nation's liberty.

He said the 3rd Infantry Division and Stewart-Hunter command team helped ensure those young heroes and their Families were taken care of and prepared to take on a difficult mission in their recent deployment to Iraq.

The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal was awarded to Sarah Lynch for exceptional and heartfelt volunteer service on behalf of the Soldiers and Family members of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Campbell said the nation was blessed to have Soldiers, and Family members willing to accept such a heavy load during the nation's need. He noted the Sarah's compassion and dedication was instrumental in maintaining the home front, working with Families, and sharing in their resolve to support their deployed Soldiers.

"She (Sarah Lynch) has been a well spring of inspiration for all these Family members who have carried their own load, who have struggled to selflessly serve their nation as had their Soldiers."

The FORSCOM commander then presented (Maj. Gen.) Lynch with the Distinguished Service Medal, which was signed by the United States Army Chief of Staff, Gen. George Casey, for Lynch's professionalism, selfless service and dedication exhibited in preparing the 3rd Infantry Division for service in Iraq, and subsequent outstanding performance there with Task Force Marne.

Lynch thanked the general for the recognition, but said his success is only the reflection of the dedication of the Soldiers and Families of the 3rd Infantry Division, and the support of the community. He said his own personal contribution was due to his personal relationships with God, his wife, and his work.

Speaking of one of his favorite books, Living the Life that God Rewards, Lynch noted he tried to follow its philosophy of doing the right things for the right reasons. He also said he couldn't do what he's done throughout his career without his wife's support. With that in mind, he performed one of his personal traditions as one of his last official acts as Marne 6, presenting his last commander's coin to his wife Sarah, for her outstanding service and support.