Afghan police hold graduation
Col. Blake Ortner, commander of 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, presents an Afghan National Police student with a certificate at the graduation ceremony for the first ever tactical site exploitation course in Qalat, Zabul province, Sept. 22. Brig. Gen. Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, Zabul Provincial Chief of Police, and Lt. Col. Tony Thacker, commander of Security Force Assistance Team, look on during the presentation with civilian and military instructors for the course.

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan, Sept. 27, 2011 -- Policeman from the Afghan National Police participated in a graduation ceremony at the Operational Command Center-Provincial in Qalat, Sept. 22.

The graduation was for the first ever tactical site exploitation class in Zabul province. The five-day class covered evidence collection, evidence production and crime scene searching techniques.

"Follow the rules that you have learned and you will do well," said Brig. Gen. Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, Zabul Provincial chief of police.

"The techniques you have learned in this course, increases the capability of the police force," said Lt. Col. Tony Thacker, commander Security Force Assistance Team.

The next class for these officers will be a train-the-trainer class where they will be certified as instructors for the next basic class scheduled for the police.

"We learned from you during the class as you learned from us," said Thacker.

Col. Blake Ortner, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team commander, congratulated the policemen on a job well done and thanked Sherzad for letting his force take the course.

"Being able to prove a crime has taken place is the purpose of your training," said Ortner. "Showing the elders and villagers your evidence can often settle many problems. This will build the understanding of what you do to the elders and the people, but it will also gain respect for the police through your actions."

"Brigadier General Sherzad is changing the attitude toward the police and completing this course is a piece of that change," said Ortner.

Each officer was presented with a certificate, a class photo and an identification tab. Each person held the packet above their head and recited a portion of the Afghan national anthem before returning to their seat.

"Each officer did a great job during the course and they have the training to do well," said Master Sgt. Chuck Horton, lead instructor and member of 116th IBCT.

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