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Back to School info

Students 1st-12th grade start school on Monday, Aug. 22. Kindergartners are starting Aug. 29. Parents can register/re-register for school at THIS LINK. This year, fall sports are Cross Country, Cheer, Football, Tennis, Volleyball. Make appointments for sports physicals now. The school supply list is here:

Sewer improvements at Caserma Ederle, traffic changes

Contractors will start working on a sewer project Aug. 22, along 7th Street adjacent to Olson Ave on Caserma Ederle. Traffic will be able to pass. There will be signage and a flagman for traffic control. The work should continue through Aug. 28. From Aug 29 to Sept. 2, 7th street will be closed. Drivers must move their vehicles from parking spots near 7th Street before Aug. 28.

Commissary promoting preseason football, back-to-school events

Vicenza Commissary is reminding community members to check out the Defense Commissary Agency’s current flyer for information on preseason football, back-to-school events and “Kids Eat Right” month. Also, the flyer features a “Thinking Outside the Box” recipe for easy Peach Cobbler. TOTB recipes are dietitian-approved, offering quick, healthy and economical solutions for home-cooked meals. For more info on your commissary visit

Are you on assignment? Need to get your orders?

Make sure to attend in-person … the mandatory Levy Brief, in order to complete your levy packet and receive your PCS orders. The next one is August 23, at 9 a.m. at Caserma Ederle, Bldg. 393 (CPF) second floor. Next available dates: September 06, 20 / October 04, 18 / November 08, 22 / December 06, 20. Grade E7 and above and all Officers are allowed to view the online version at THIS LINK For more info, call DSN: 646-5131 or COMM: 0444-71-5131

Slow pace for new IDs

Looking to get a new ID card? There may be a slight delay, due to technical issues. Only one of the two workstations can issue cards right now and fewer customers can be served. The team is trying to accommodate as many people as possible. If you’re with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, go to your S-1 personnel office to get a new card. Please plan accordingly and thanks for your patience.

Careful turning into bike lane

Community members who access Caserma Ederle through the “housing gate,” should be mindful of the bike path as they turn into Via Casermette from Viale della Pace. Several large steel panels were recently put up near that corner, blocking the view for drivers to see oncoming cyclists. The Italian Base Commander is discussing the issue with the city. Meanwhile, drivers coming on to post using this route should take extra caution in this area.


From 22 Aug. to 24 Aug., the right side of Bldg. 113’s front parking lot next to Kessler Ave. will be closed in support of an electrical upgrade. Traffic control plans will be in place. Drive carefully around construction zones.

NEW BOSS Resale Lot

There's an official BOSS resale lot on Caserma Ederle. It's the only authorized place to park cars that are for sale. . The new location is behind the shoppette in the 12 marked spaces. Contact BOSS at 646-4402 to get authorization to put your vehicle there. Parking for sale vehicles anywhere else is not allowed.

Registration cost increases

As of Aug. 1, the price for registering a vehicle increased to $65 plus €5 for the cover plate. Renewals will not include the €5. This affects both Vicenza and Camp Darby.

New Water Rules For Vicenza

The mayor of Vicenza signed an ordinance limiting use of drinking water and imposing fees for wasting water. The Vicenza city ordinance dated June 23rd requires that citizens and businesses limit use of drinking water until 31 August. The mayor has decreed that water supplied by the aqueduct, i.e. tap water, must not be used to wash squares, driveways and vehicles. The ordinance is also turning off decorative fountains except those having a water recycling system. Watering gardens and orchards is allowed only from midnight to 6 a.m. Citizens are also asked to reduce domestic use of tap water to drinking and hygienic uses only. Fees for failure to comply range from 25 to 500 euros. City officials said that the ordinance was prompted by months without significant rainfall and an unusually early heat wave. Neighboring regions of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy have undertaken similar crisis measures.

Slow down at Via Aldo Moro entrance

Construction vehicles may cross the roadway at the Via Aldo Moro gate, (Gate 1). They are working on the Caserma Ederle portion of the ongoing Army Family Housing Construction (AFHC) project. When entering the approach lane, use caution. The speed limit slows to 10 kilometers per hour until you pass the guard shack.

Italy updates COVID-19 rules

On June 15, the Italian Ministry of Health released a new ordinance providing updated guidance regarding the ongoing COVID response. It is no longer required to wear masks on aircraft, at indoor theaters, cinemas, etc. It is still mandatory to wear FFP2 style masks for inter-regional public transport in Italy. For more information, visit the U.S. Army Garrison Italy COVID-19 page

For the LRC organization day on 2 Sept, some facilities will be impacted

Call ahead to check for specifics. Closed: POV Inspection; Central Issue Facility; Supply Support Activity; Personal Property Processing Office; Installation Material Maintenance Activity; TMP Office Limited: Property Book Office; Drivers Testing and Training Station; Quality Control Open: Shuttle Bus; CWT Sato Travel; Subsistence Supply Management Office


Ground floor of the Clinic, East (track) side New Hours of Operation: 0800-0900 Symptomatic Individuals 0900-1000 Isolation Release 1030-1200 Travel COVID test NO longer required for travel to US, regardless of vaccination status Testing available for Leisure Travel, Space A Must be scheduled: 636-9111 or 0444-61-9111 Only available if not booked for official travel Acuity/USAG website only for official travel Must provide proof of requirement from reputable source (i.e. US Embassy & Consulate)


USAG Italy has implemented for submission of service requests online. The website requires you to register, so please register and bookmark the page so you can submit your next service request online! When submitting a service request, please list one case per type of issue (e.g. all electrical issues can be submitted on one case, but please do not combine electrical with another type issue). During registration, if your unit or building is not available, please contact Customer Service at DPW Customer Service is not Technical Support for If you require tech support, please go to:

VHS upcoming home sports schedule

Cross Country: 2 Sep, 9:00am vs Sigonella, Aviano, & Naples Volleyball: 3 Sep, 9:00am vs Aviano Tennis: 3 Sep, 9:00am vs Aviano Football: 10 Sep, 1:00pm vs Naples

Community Events and Activities

  • Community Calendar (Vicenza)
  • Community Calendar (Camp Darby)

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