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Italian News from Vicenza & Darby – June 24, 2022

Vicenza Military Community

·        Covid Update

·        First case of tick-borne encephalitis in the city

·        One thousand-pound WWII bomb neutralized by Italian Army in Cismon del Grappa

·        Mayor of Vicenza issues ordinance limiting car washing, irrigation and swimming pools

·        Basilica, terrace open until 0100 on Saturdays

·        The tentacles of mafia in Vicenza, 6 million euro seized

·        Record new contagions, Covid rears its ugly head again


Darby Military Community

·        Livorno lacks blood for surgeries

·        Pisa “luminara” photo as a gift with “Il Tirreno” tomorrow

·        Drought: ordinance against wasting drinking water

Covid-19 Update – June 24, MOH

Covid infections are once again rising in Italy. Yesterday, there were 56,166 new cases and 75 deaths in Italy. Undersecretary to Health Sileri: “Cases will surely rise, and we will have other waves beyond this summer. The virus did not disappear, but the waves will be more limited in duration, quantity, and severity of symptoms obviously because the cases will be among the vaccinated.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

First case of tick-borne encephalitis in the city – June 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

A case of tick-borne encephalitis in the city: it is a potentially very dangerous disease that can cause damage and long-term neurological disorders and, sometimes, in 1 to 5 percent of cases, even death. A 51-year-old man from Vicenza has been hospitalized a week ago. Upon entering the hospital, the man showed symptoms typical of Lyme syndrome: high fever, severe headache, widespread pain in the muscles and joints, a state of agitation, a sense of fatigue. These are the first signs of a disease which, in 10-20 percent of cases (after an interval even without symptoms) leads to a second phase characterized by inflammation of the brain accompanied by loss of motility and decrease in muscle tone. "The disease is around - explains the Dr. Manfrin - in our territory, the cases are concentrated in particular in Valdagno and Arzignano, but there are also reports in the Pedemontana area.” In short, beware of ticks. The heat of the last days is their ideal climate. They lurk on leaves and stems, in the middle of uncultivated meadows, camouflaged among the bushes and more and more often also in the city. The cases are steadily growing. In one month, over 100 requests for help in the emergency room. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

One thousand-pound WWII bomb neutralized by Italian Army in Cismon del Grappa – June 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Detailed organization, maximum attention to safety and extraordinary precautions were the essential points of the complex defusing of the bomb found last May 25 in Cismon del Grappa. It was a success. The operations conducted by the soldiers of the 8th Paratrooper Engineers Regiment of Legnano, with the coordination of the Prefect of Vicenza Pietro Signoriello, and the chief of Police Paolo Sartori began at 0830, after the 600 inhabitants of the town were transferred by shuttle bus to the reception center set up in Primolano. The very delicate operations of detaching the fuses turned out to be more complex than expected, but in the end, the one thousand-pound bomb containing over 400 kilos of explosives succumbed to the skill of the bomb squad. The residents of Cismon and the hamlet of Collicello were able to return to their homes in the late afternoon. In the end, the satisfaction of the Prefect and Police Chief of Vicenza was clear: “I had no doubts about the excellence of the Folgore regiment, pride of the Italian Army” stated Prefect Signoriello. Cheif Sartori echoed the sentiment: “The preparatory work took weeks, precisely because nothing was left to chance. Our priority was public safety. Despite the high potential danger, everything went in the best way possible.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Mayor of Vicenza issues ordinance limiting car washing, irrigation and swimming pools – June 23, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Until 31 August, citizens residing or having activities in the municipal area of Vicenza are required to comply with the urgent measures set out in an ordinance of the Mayor for the containment of drinking water consumption. The water supplied by the aqueduct must not be used to wash squares, driveways and vehicles - with the exception of professional car washes - as well as to power fountains, jets and swimming pools. Furthermore, between six in the morning and midnight it will not be possible to water gardens and orchards. Citizens are also asked to reduce domestic consumption of water to drinking and hygienic uses only. Councilor for the Environment Simona Siotto: “After the appeals to adopt good practices and the persistence of unresponsive behavior, we decided to intervene to deal with a situation that worsens day by day, while still taking into account the needs of commercial activities.” In case of non-compliance, the penalties provided will range from 25 to 500 euros. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Basilica, terrace open until 0100 on Saturdays – June 23, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The Illustri Festival dedicated to the great Italian and international illustration kicked off last weekend with four major exhibitions in three locations (Basilica Palladiana, Gallerie d'Italia, Palazzo Thiene), meetings with artists, workshops and themed weekends. Given the numerous requests, those who purchase the ticket for the Festival (6 euro) will be able to access the terrace of the Basilica with a reduced ticket of 2 euros tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. As for the terrace, on Saturdays it will be open from 1000 to 0100 and on Sundays from 1000 to 2300. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

The tentacles of mafia in Vicenza, 6 million euro seized – June 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Today, the Guardia di Finanza celebrates the 248th anniversary of its foundation. The fight against possible mafia infiltrations in the Vicenza area is one of the priorities of the provincial command led by Col. Cosmo Virgilio: "We have increased the level of attention to understand if there may be risks of infiltrations, and above all by analyzing the new VAT numbers opened during the pandemic period and the new local units of companies or businesses which, despite having their headquarters in other areas, have opened deposits, warehouses and shops in the province of Vicenza.” Just under 6 million euros, between money and movable and immovable property were seized or confiscated from organized crime in the last 17 months here. Other numbers that make up the balance of the activity carried out by the Vicenza yellow flames between January 2021 and May of this year will be disclosed today during the ceremony to be held in the cloister of the San Tomaso complex, which houses the oldest Finance Police headquarters in Italy (it was built 800 years ago.) There are many areas in which the officers of the Guardia di Finanza operate to combat tax evasion and fraud, irregular work, illegal activities in the field of public spending and fraud against the state. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Record new contagions, Covid rears its ugly head again – June 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

In this strange and worrying pandemic wave of early summer, Vicenza is one of the cities that in Italy register one of the highest percentages - if not the record one - in the ratio between new positives and the number of swabs performed. In Italy today the rate is 21.87 percent against 16.31 percent of seven days ago. In Vicenza, the percentage jumped to 22.7, a level that hadn't been touched for months. Lombardy, Lazio, Veneto, Campania and Emilia are the regions that in Italy mark the highest numbers of new infections. The inversion of the curve started on 4 June, after 10 weeks of constant decline, and since then there has been an incessant expansion the epidemic. At the root of this is the very rapid spread of Omicron 5 in the Vicenza area, now present in 40 percent of the tested swabs and even more contagious than Omicron 4. To try to understand how long the resurgence of the virus can last, in Italy we look at Portugal, where the upward current of the epidemic lasted just under 4 weeks and then entered an oscillation band to begin to stabilize. But, according to some virologists, the new wave will last at least two months, literally denying the thesis that the heat is the enemy of the virus. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Darby Military Community

Livorno lacks blood for surgeries June 24, il Tirreno


LIVORNO – Lack of blood for surgeries. Since the beginning of June, the Orthopedics Department has already had to postpone about 15 operations. Since mid-May, there have been about 25.Attention patients who have been unable to undergo surgery; we are talking about scheduled surgeries. Specifically hip and knee replacements. Emergencies and cancer patients are handled regularly. The blood shortage is a national problem. “We are working hard to call donors, also the Italian Army is helping us out,” said Fabrizio Niglio, chief of the transfusion center (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Pisa “luminara” photo as a gift with “Il Tirreno” tomorrow – June 24, Il Tirreno


PISA - It will be distributed tomorrow, as a gift along with the hard copy of the Pisa Tirreno the photo "The Tower in celebration for San Ranieri", taken on the evening of June 16 by our Fabio Muzzi, a photojournalist from Siena, but now living in Pisa who has been at Tirreno's side for years with his daily work . His masterpiece will be distributed tomorrow, as a gift together with the printed copy of the Tirreno Pisa edition. It is an exciting shot that captures from above, thanks to an authorized drone, the beauty of our Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli, dressed for the patron saint, and with behind it a fairy-tale scenery given by the fireworks shot from the platforms in the Arno, in the magic of the Luminara. The star of the shot is the illuminated Tower of Pisa, which has always been the driving force behind the city's economy. But it is the whole city taken together at the moment of the fireworks that closed the night of the hundred thousand illuminations on the lungarni and, with the return of the Luminara after two years of stop due to the Covid "On the occasion of this Luminaria 2022 I wanted to do something new, to take an image against the trend so not as usually from the lungarni, but with the help of the drone from an area outside the festivities and that could focus on the Tower and in the distance the city. It took about twenty minutes to find the right moment, but in the end with pride I succeeded. " said Muzi . "Now this masterpiece is a poster that can be preserved thanks to the editorial initiative that the Tirreno has put in place.". (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Drought: ordinance against wasting drinking water June 21, ANSA


LIVORNO - From June 21 until Sept. 30 in Livorno, it will be prohibited to use drinking water for purposes other than hygiene-domestic purposes. This is stipulated in an ordinance by Mayor Luca Salvetti aimed at rationalizing the consumption of drinking water in the municipality. The administrative penalty for those who violate the ordinance ranges from 100 to 500 euros. Due to the continuation of drought due to rising temperatures, scarcity of rainfall and increased consumption of drinking water, it is necessary and appropriate to protect the drinking water reserves available for supply during the summer period.. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)