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*The garrison public affairs office translates summaries of local news articles for the convenience of non-Italian speaking community members. The information contained in these summaries is originally written by Italian news sources and does not reflect the opinion of U.S. Army Garrison Italy or any of its tenant commands. Direct any questions about the Italian news to the garrison public affairs office.*

Italian News from Vicenza & Darby – May 26, 2023
Vicenza Military Community

Man goes to shovel mud in Romagna and is fired from job – May 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Fired from work because he asked for two days off to dedicate to the people affected by the flood: what happened to Marco Santacatterina, a 24-year-old university student who lives in Marano and works as a delivery boy in a pizzeria in Thiene. “I was deeply struck by what happened in Emilia Romagna - says Santacatterina -. So I contacted the civil protection of Bologna and I arranged to go to Cesena on Saturday and Sunday.” The young man informed the owner of the pizzeria of the need to take two days off, specifying that he would go to Emilia Romagna to help the locals shovel mud. The owner replied via Whatsapp to “get lost.” Despite the rude message, Friday evening Santacatterina showed up at the pizzeria ready to cover the shift assigned to him. “As soon as I crossed the threshold I was told to leave because there was no longer any need for me.” No good deed goes unpunished, but fortunately the young man has been contacted the mayors of Thiene and Marano who want to help him find a new job. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Republic Day ceremony returns downtown Vicenza, new mayor goes to RomeMay 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Vicenza will mark the 77th anniversary of Republic Day with a ceremony downtown. The host of this year’s June 2 observance is prefect Salvatore Caccamo. He decided to move the celebration from Campo Marzio to Piazza Matteotti, by the Teatro Olimpico. The ceremony will start at 10 a.m. with the traditional formations, honors, the raising of the flag accompanied by the playing of the Italian anthem by the Pedrollo conservatory musicians. Caccamo announced that this year, for the first time, the city's flag has been invited to parade at the national ceremony in Rome. Vicenza is in fact the only Italian city honored with two gold medals for military value. The honor to escort the flag will be the first official engagement of Vicenza’s newly elected mayor. May 28-29 ballot will determine who goes to Rome between Francesco Rucco or Giacomo Possamai. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Basilica closes for a few days, but the terrace bar remains open – May 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The Palladian Basilica will be closed a few days between May and June to allow for the dismantling of the exhibition “The creators of eternal Egypt - Scribes, craftsmen and workers at the service of the pharaoh,” which will end May 28. The terrace of the Basilica with the bar service will, on the other hand, always be accessible at the usual times: Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Sundays from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. (last admission 30 minutes before closing). (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Vicenza leads Italy’s extra-EU exports – May 26, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Vicenza industry registered a value of 23 percent more compared to pre-COVID-19 levels for non-EU area exports. First in Italy for exports, the export index of Vicenza industries has reached a record peak towards countries beyond the borders of the European Union. According to the March 2023 survey of the Italian National Institute of Statistics, the Italian trade surplus with non-EU countries, supported by the strong surplus in the trade of non-energy products, is the highest in thirty years. The Vicenza industry has designed new routes and strengthened markets, driven by the U.S. In the world there is a desire for made in Vicenza. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Seven illegal parking attendants sent away from hospital area – May 2, Il Giornale di Vicenza

In recent weeks, the police have intensified checks in the car parks around the San Bortolo hospital area with the aim of countering the presence of unauthorized parking attendants who hang out there all the time, creating discontent and inconvenience to citizens who need access to the hospital. On May 24, seven people were caught begging for money. At the sight of the uniformed officers, they fled, but they were all chased, reached and then blocked and identified. One of them is an Indian citizen without papers who received the order to leave Italy immediately. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Doctors warn of Dengue and West Nile fever infectionsMay 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

With temperatures suddenly rising after the recent heavy rain, there are fears of the sudden invasion of swarms of mosquitoes and, therefore, the even more pronounced reappearance of dangerous viruses. Cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) have been reported in the Middle East, India, and Europe. Doctors especially warn of Dengue fever infection, transmitted to humans by mosquitoes’ bites. For people who get sick with dengue, symptoms can be mild or severe like nausea, vomiting, aches, and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain). Symptoms of dengue typically last 2–7 days and most people will recover after about a week. The Veneto Region has already sent a directive to the Vicenza Municipalities urging to start specific disinfestation campaigns. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Road of 52 tunnels closes for one day – May 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The Strada delle 52 Gallerie will be closed to the public on Saturday, May 27, for maintenance work. The operators will be engaged in cleaning and layout activities of the route, an initiative implemented periodically in order to guarantee the safety and practicability of the road. Built during World War I, the road climbs from Bocchetta Campiglia to Porte del Pasubio, crossing the southern slope of Mount Pasubio. Its construction was of great strategic importance during the conflict, as it allowed the passage of communications and supplies sheltered from the fire of the Austro-Hungarian army. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Music, culture and delicacies this weekend in Breganze May 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The 70th edition of the “Maggio Breganzese” (Breganze’s May) will take place this weekend in Piazza Mazzini in Breganze. It will start on Friday evening with street food and bruschetta stands, a craft beer kiosk and cocktails. The Moto Laverda Museum in Via Roma will be open to the public on Saturday, from 3-6 p.m. (for information, call the museum), while the stands will reopen from 7 p.m. Sunday, the handicraft and typical products market will open early in the morning. The Campanari group will guide you in the discovery of the Diedo tower, the third tallest bell tower in the Region (10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 3:30-8 p.m., by reservation only.) In the evening, the kiosks and stands will reopen with aperitifs and dinner. The party will culminate with the bingo draw in the square at 9 p.m. presented by Franco Ghirardello. The first prize is €1,000. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Cellars open in Veneto and Vicenza on Saturday and Sunday – May 26, Vicenzatoday

This last weekend of May will be two days of good wine tastings and guided tours, barbecues, picnics in the vineyards, and many other initiatives to enhance the beauties of the area with Cantine Aperte in spring, a journey among the vineyard rows and barrels, culinary proposals and pairings, to discover the cellars. 38 wineries in Veneto take part in the initiative. Here is the link with the participating wineries: http://www.movimentoturismovino.it/it/eventi/2/cantine-aperte/ (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Agritour, mills and villas: new agreement enhances tourism in MaranoMay 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The city of Vicenza and the local Confcommercio retail association are joining forces to enhance the touristic offering of the town of Marano with its new entry into the EasyVi.it portal. A dedicated page has been added so that every visitor can easily learn more about the area. Available online are digital mapping of tourist routes, historical-cultural sites, monuments, commercial activities, restaurants, and hospitality. News and information, such as initiatives proposed by restaurants and shops and the events organized by the Municipality will be always visible in the EasyVi.it portal. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Venice airport, passengers to bear cost of new boarding fee May 26, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Passengers taking off from the Venice airport will soon face an additional boarding charge. Its cost may range from three to nine euro per person. City officials have yet to announce the date the new fee will be effective. On May 25, the Venice Administrative court rejected the appeal of the SAVE airport managing company against the City of Venice. One year ago, mayor Luigi Brugnaro proposed the additional fee to obtain extra resources needed for “the enormous costs of managing the city’s historic center.” Meanwhile, low-cost airlines are bracing for a dogfight with the City as SAVE prepares for a further legal challenge over passenger boarding charges at Rome’s Council of State. A spokesperson said that Ryanair may react to an increase in airport charges at Venice by diverting more routes at regional rival airport of Treviso and Verona. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Festival of quality pizza and craft beer in Vicenza June 16-18 – May 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

On June 16, 17 and 18, the first edition of “Pizza in Piazza” will take place in the center of Vicenza, a three-day event dedicated to quality pizza. Eight wooden houses will be set up in Piazza dei Signori with six stations dedicated to pizza makers, the other two dedicated to quality craft beer by La Villana brewery from Vicenza and by Erdinger Weissbräu of Erding, a German city in Upper Bavaria, the most important wheat beer factory in Germany and in the world. The tasting of pizzas and craft beers will be accompanied by live music. Access to Piazza dei Signori is free, pizzas and drinks can be purchased using the tokens on sale at the tills. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

 Darby Military Community

EasyJet new route from Pisa to Paris for winter season – May 26, La Nazione

PISA EasyJet will operate a new European route from Pisa International Airport, a strategic stopover for the airline. Starting Oct. 29, 2023, thousands of Tuscan passengers will be able to travel to Paris Charles De Gaulle. In addition, the airline will continue to operate the connection to Berlin Brandenburg during the coming winter season, with two flights per week (Monday and Friday). The flight between Pisa and Charles De Gaulle will operate four times a week (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays). The new route will be active for the 2023 winter season with the intention of becoming an operational route on an annual basis, and tickets will go on sale as early as today. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

No swimming permitted at White Sands Beach due to bacteria May 26, La Nazione

ROSIGNANO During a routine check carried out to monitor water quality, intestinal enterococci and escherichia coli values exceeded in samples taken from the northern boundary of the Canottieri beach to the old Pietrabianca pier, in the areas of the “Lillatro,” “White Sand Beaches North,” “White Sand Peaks South” and River Fine". The levies are from May 23, in the days following heavy rains. Therefore, by Ordinance No. 335 of May 25, 2023, Mayor Daniele Donati ordered the prohibition of bathing in the above areas. Supplementary sampling will be carried out as soon as possible and until the notification of the parameters’ return to the limits provided by law, balneation remains prohibited. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Darby employee Gianluca Lucetti potential candidate for Livorno mayoral campaign May 24, Il Tirreno

LIVORNO – One year from now, the people of Livorno will be asked to choose their mayor. The first names of candidates for mayor are beginning to emerge. One in particular is circulating is that of Gianluca Lucetti, president of Catholic Action. He is 44 years old, has two children, is an engineer at Camp Darby, has been involved with the association for almost seven years and is said to be appreciated by the leadership. “I have no candidacies in view at the moment,” Lucetti said. “No one has proposed him to me, neither the bishop nor political parties.” He explained that his, as president of Catholic Action, is an episcopal mandate and by virtue of this appointment a candidacy in a political path would imply that he could no longer hold it. Lucetti also added that his second term is almost at an end, it will in fact conclude in January or February. “In Catholic Action you take a formative path that as lay people pushes you to take to heart the city where you live, for the common good. When my term is over, I will consider what opportunities will be available,” Lucetti said.” He will be free to participate in the political life at the beginning of next year, Mayor’s elections will be just a few months after. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Montescudaio to host a music campus this summer May 26, Pisatoday

MONTESCUDAIO (Pisa) – Musicians from all over Europe will have the opportunity to participate in a music campus in the Pisan village. The camp will be held July 15-22 and will aim to prepare musicians through a specialization on their instrument, performance and live experience. Upon arrival at “Make Music,” each student will be assigned to one or more bands with which he or she will prepare, supported by professional tutors, the repertoire for the final concert. Participation in the campus is reserved for 18- to 34-year-olds from European Union countries who already have a musical background and are fluent in English, as the courses will be taught in English. Travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the project. Selected individuals will be contacted by the organization to coordinate travel and logistics. To apply, fill out the form at this link: https://forms.gle/AdpioLhTUoQKcokc9 (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Cherry fest in Lari May 26, Pisatoday

LARI – The 65th Cherry Festival will be held on May 27-28, and June 2 to 4 beginning at 4:30 p.m. At the event, next to the traditional cherry market, there will be a market of typical products; music; entertainment for children; exhibitions; Vetrina Toscana exhibition space and other activities. Also, the producer who got the fruit with the best organoleptic qualities will receive the Ciliegia d'Oro prize, (Golden cherry) by a jury of experts. View the entire program at https://www.vivilari.it/ (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)