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By U.S. Army Garrison Italy, Public Affairs OfficeJune 25, 2024

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*The garrison public affairs office translates summaries of local news articles for the convenience of non-Italian speaking community members. The information contained in these summaries is originally written by Italian news sources and does not reflect the opinion of U.S. Army Garrison Italy or any of its tenant commands. Direct any questions about the Italian news to the garrison public affairs office.*

Italian News from Vicenza and Darby – June 25, 2024
Vicenza Military Community

Shops are closing in the city center, leaving increasingly empty streets – June 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Five in Contrà Vescovado, three in Piazza delle Poste. Four in Contrà Do Rode, eight in Corso Fogazzaro, five in Contrà Lioy. Indeed, more than 10 in the Pedemuro San Biagio area. There are now dozens of vacant shops in the historic center, especially in the secondary streets, and a new business that closes is almost no longer news. Among the shop owners there are those who argue that the initiatives in the center are concentrated in the squares and not in the side streets, and also those who blame the degradation, claiming that many people are afraid of coming to the center. A center, therefore, that does not attract, is a center destined to die. Or, as another shop owner who wishes to remain anonymous concludes, that has already been dead for a while. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Three days of continuous blackouts in many towns in the Vicenza province – June 25, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Many inconveniences, but few explanations on the black outs that have plagued the towns of Montegalda; Montegaldella; Nanto; Longare and Castegnero since last Saturday, June 22, creating problems for citizens and companies. The town mayors alerted by the citizens immediately contacted the energy company, but the answers were vague. Only yesterday afternoon, Enel’s press office informed that “The reported situation was brought to the attention of E-Distribuzione, which immediately took action to resolve it.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Sewer work in Via Bassano, traffic changes for more than a month – June 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Work started June 24 in Via Bassano to improve the water disposal capacity and thus reduce the risk of flooding following heavy rains. The stretch of Via Bassano between Via Natale del Grande and Via dello Stadio in front of the playground will be affected by the work: the north lane of Via Bassano is closed to traffic from the roundabout with Viale Trissino to the one with Via dello Stadio. Via Bassano will remain one-way until the end of the work, scheduled for the end of July, barring unforeseen circumstances. The intersection between Via Natale del Grande and Via Bassano is also closed to vehicular traffic. The construction site will also prevent the use of the sidewalk in Via Bassano, in the section affected by the work. The Stadio centrobus will follow the usual route. At the same time, there will be a construction site along Viale Trissino, from the roundabout with Via Bassano to the intersection with Via Alberi. The work will cause the narrowing of the roadway to a single lane, while still guaranteeing normal traffic, and will last all summer. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Severe storm flooded Asiago town center – June 24, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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A severe storm struck Asiago, causing the Ghelpach stream to overflow and flood the town center between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The deluge dropped over 84 millimeters of rain in less than two hours, leading to significant flooding and damage reminiscent of the 1966 floods. Emergency services received more than 60 calls for help, but no injuries were reported. Damage is initially estimated at around one million euros. The storm caused roads to be covered in debris and many stores and homes to be flooded, particularly near the San Giovanni bridge where a blockage exacerbated the overflow. The rapid response by firefighters, civil defense volunteers and local authorities helped mitigate further damage. The mayor of Gallio and Asiago’s Public Works Councilor praised the efficient emergency response and community cooperation. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

The Vaia Dragon rises from the ashes, rebuilt with charred wood – June 23, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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The Vaia Dragon has risen from its ashes. The land art sculpture created in 2021 by local artist Marco Martalar in Lavarone was destroyed by arson in August 2023. The artist has now brought the dragon back to life using the charred wood from the fire that destroyed it. The dragon was aptly named “Dragon Vaia Regeneration.” The sculpture is made of six tons of charred wood, and it is the largest wooden dragon sculpture in the world. To visit it, you can park in the Cost area and then follow an easy 30-minute pedestrian route, or park in the Bertoldi area, take the chairlift and then follow the signs to Magre Tablat with the dragon icon, or park in the Cappella Park and then follow the signs to Magre Tablat with the dragon icon. Alternatively, there is the 45-minute “dragon path” thematic route that starts from Bertoldi and Gionghi: following the Magre Tablat signs, once you arrive at the Enchanted Tana just follow the Drago Path signs. Do not touch the Dragon (the area is under video surveillance) as doing so will accelerate its deterioration. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

From Pedemonte to Trentino region along the Lanzin route June 23, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Pedemonte, one of the smallest municipalities in Vicenza area located below Lavarone and Luserna plateaus, offers some truly evocative excursions, particularly suitable in the summer season due to the presence of forest and water sources. Among them there is the Lanzin path, a mountain itinerary that takes place between the upper Astico valley and the Lavarone plateau on ancient paths on the border of what was the limit between Italy and Austria until the Great War. The path follows the ancient route that connected the Episcopal Principality of Trento with the Republic of Venice. This path is also part of the Apparitions Path, a pilgrimage journey that passed through Vicenza and Padua and allowed you to reach the Romea road quite easily, the route followed by pilgrims going to Rome. The Lanzin path starts at the car park in Carotte district in Pedemonte and it winds through a forest of majestic and imposing beech trees, offering breathtaking views of the valley below. During the walk, hikers can come across numerous testimonies of ancient rural buildings. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Italian soccer icon Roberto Baggio robbed and beaten at home – June 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Soccer legend Roberto Baggio and his family experienced a harrowing 40-minute ordeal when they were attacked and kidnapped by a gang of robbers on June 20. The incident occurred at Baggio’s villa in Altavilla Vicentina, while they were watching the European Championship match between Italy and Spain. Six masked men, three armed with guns, stormed into the living room, threatening the family and demanding valuables. Baggio instinctively punched one of the robbers but was hit on the forehead with a gun, causing a significant cut. The robbers, who spoke with a strong Eastern European accent, demanded to know the location of the safe. They then forced the family to hand over their jewelry, cash and luxury watches, including several Rolexes. The gang locked the family in a room and ransacked the villa but did not take any of Baggio’s memorabilia or hunting rifles. After the robbers left, Baggio broke down the door of the room and called the police. Several patrols and detectives arrived at the scene, gathering initial information and searching the villa and its extensive grounds. Baggio went to Arzignano Hospital, where he received six stitches for his forehead wound. Carabinieri are investigating. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

More modern and well-equipped hospitals thanks to the San Bortolo Foundation – June 21, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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The San Bortolo Foundation aims to support the hospital and help the sick. Among other things, in 2023 the Foundation carried out the total renovation of the general medical ward in Vicenza, which was 60 years old. A truly extraordinary work that cost 840,000 euros and was covered almost entirely by the Amenduni family. Now everything is new and modern. And here is the list of other interventions including the monitoring centers for the intensive care of neonatal pathologies and neurosurgery; the meeting room of the anti-diabetic center; a medical vehicle for the ER; 10 beds with scales for dialysis; new chairs in the ER waiting room; 12 televisions for geriatric patients; a contribution for hospice and palliative care; financing for rehabilitation; the probes for the laser, which fights epilepsies; eight semi-intensive therapy beds for the pediatric ward and two portable ultrasound machines for resuscitation. Other interventions will also be in Noventa, Arzignano and Montecchio Maggiore. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Vicenza revamps urban plan after 45 years, a new era for downtown June 21, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Vicenza’s historic center has adopted a new urban plan, replacing the 1979 Coppa Plan. The goal is to balance preservation with modern vitality, allowing for innovations like solar panels with guidelines. The “Partial variant to the plan of interventions-historical center” approved by the city council marks a significant shift after a complex process starting in 2018. The current Possamai administration, after reevaluating the initial variant proposed by the previous Rucco [mayor] administration, secured its approval with a commitment to future adjustments if needed. Councilor Cristina Balbi acknowledged the plan’s limitations but emphasized its improvements, particularly in energy efficiency and building rehabilitation. Despite some professional criticism and ongoing calls for refinement, the plan was largely supported, signifying a pivotal update in urban planning for Vicenza’s historic center. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Summer wine is celebrated all over the world June 20, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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This year, the International Rosé Day, will be celebrated in Provence, France on June 28, as this French region was recognized as the birthplace of rosé wine. Even if Spain, the United States and Italy are some of the largest producers, Provençal rosés have been leaders in making rosé wine known all over the world. Let’s start with four excellent wine suggestions. Corte De Pieri La Rovesciata Rosè is the wine of the summer, perfect as an aperitif. The spicy notes of the Tai Rosso stand out on the nose and blend with the freshness of the Chardonnay; the cost is €20. Natalina Grandi Solo Lei Rosè Classic Method, slightly fruity, with hints of rose and red undergrowth fruits, grown in the highest point of the Berici Hills in the Lonigo area. It lends itself well from aperitifs to summer dishes. The cost is €29. Maso Martis Trentodoc Rosé Extra Brut 2020, is a delicate and elegant wine, with an out-of-the-ordinary expressiveness, it is a true tribute to Pinot Noir. It is perfect with shellfish risotto, fish stews, with a slice of baked salmon or with white meats; the cost is €40. Champagne AOC Cuvée Réservée Rosé Brut Léon Launois was born in the Côte des Blancs, France. The wine is composed of a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, red wine, in addition to 20-40 percent reserve wines. Excellent as an aperitif, it is also perfect with cured meats; fish; shellfish and white meats; the cost is €26. (Summary by Silvia Trevisan)

Ponte degli Angeli one-way for over a month – June 19, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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For the next five weeks, Ponte degli Angeli will be one-way to allow work to replace the porphyry pavement. Today, the off-limits lane is the one that goes up towards Largo Goethe, while you can drive towards Piazza XX Settembre. Those who want to get to the center must turn towards Contrà San Pietro and continue along Viale Margherita and Viale Giuriolo. Same when the work will affect the other part of the road. The city administration says they decided to wait until the summer to limit the inconvenience, but this is an important and long overdue intervention because the porphyry in the section towards Piazza XX Settembre was damaged. By around July 20, the bridge will be refurbished, and traffic will return to normal. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Sardine festival in Barbano the next two weekends – June 18, VicenzaToday

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The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, known as Sagra dea Sardea, will be held in Barbano June 28-30 offering a wide range of culinary specialties and musical entertainment. The kitchen opens every evening at 7 p.m. Menu: spaghetti with sardines; bigoli and gnocchi with tomato or duck ragout; sardine in saor (pickled); fried, grilled sardines; breaded sardines; mixed fried fish; codfish salad with potatoes and parsley and a new entry, the fried schie (tiny shrimp) with polenta. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Darby Military Community

Tuscan cities in the top 10 ranking for theft of car parts June 20, Il Tirreno/La Nazione

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TUSCANY – Prato is first among Italian cities for vehicle part theft from parked cars, with 514 complaints per 100,000 residents, according to a ranking by the business newspaper "Il Sole 24 ore" (figures refer to 2022). The other Tuscan cities immediately appear in the top 10. Pisa, which ranks fourth with 342 complaints per 100,000 residents, Livorno (ranked fifth with 316 complaints) and Florence (ranked sixth with 291 complaints). Along with batteries, the top five most frequently pilfered parts include alloy wheels; cameras; headlights; bumpers; catalytic converters and, as of late, mirror components. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Skate Park in Livorno is close to completion June 11, Il Tirreno/QuiLivorno

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LIVORNO – The construction of the new skate park in the Ardenza neighborhood of Livorno will require a 350-thousand-euro municipal expenditure. The project might be finished in a month. After witnessing the first bulldozers operate in June of last year, an inaugural event by the end of July is feasible. The lighting system will also be constructed at the same time. After putting up of the bubble's walls, which are the most difficult components to construct in an inverted dome pool that is 2.5 meters high, which gave it "serious" characteristics and elevated it to the status of one of Italy's most intriguing competition sites, work on the flat portion was to begin. The building will use tobacco and yellow ochre hues to blend in better with the surrounding vegetation. Benches will be installed, trees will be planted, and the restoration of a historic 70-square-meter building for use as an infirmary and changing area is being considered. With the ability to erect spectator stands as needed, such a facility will also enable the organization of competitions and exhibitions at the national and continental levels. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Lavender field can be rented for events June 11, Il Tirreno

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PECCIOLI (Pisa) – Every year, thousands of people swarm the lavender fields of Santa Luce, in the province of Pisa. However, a new venue has opened in the province of Pisa where events can now be held. The farm La Casina, located in Fabbrica di Peccioli, opened its doors on Sunday, June 16, with the intention of creating an exceptional "lavandeto" for the summer season. You may take a completely free tour and stroll among the lavender here every day from 6 to 8 p.m. Additionally, the farm staff arranges for the lavandeto's furniture to be used for a variety of event planning purposes. Prices and other information at 349 – 600 6124 or (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

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