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Italian News from Vicenza November 22, 2022

Vicenza Military Community

·       Claxton: “U.S. bases ready to respond to crises”

·       Carabinieri celebrated the Virgo Fidelis, their patron saint

·       Vicenza, amusement industry mourns the loss of Alberto Zamperla

·       Italy records fewer weddings, Vicenza follows national trend

·       Ever heard of a “suspended garden”? Here is how the city is helping the needy

·       Neko, the cat café on the Riviera Berica

·       Vicenza to end winter holidays with dedicated market on Jan. 5, 6

Darby Military Community

      Former Darby employee turns 100

      Livorno Aquarium ranked third for quality of service

      A guided tour to discover the Basilica of San Piero a Grado

      Guided tour of the Carthusian Monastery of Calci

Claxton: “U.S. bases ready to respond to crises” November 22, Corriere Veneto

“The U.S. Army Southern Europe Task Force and its subordinate units remain focused on supporting U.S. and NATO interests here in Italy, across Europe, Africa.” The words come from Maj. Clain Claxton, spokesman for the SETAF-Africa command and testify that there has not been, and there is still no “Przewodów effect” on the U.S. military bases, same as incidentally, there has been no effect on Italian or NATO bases. Better still: no apparent consequences of the crisis, later resolved, of the missiles that fell last week in Poland, in Przewodów precisely, in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has been going on for nine months. In the hours immediately after the “accident,” the state of alert on Italian bases (to include Carabinieri barracks, quite numerous in the city) seems to have remained “alpha-plus,” in an order of magnitude ranging from alpha (normality) to delta (war). From the American base of “Del Din” Claxton said, “We provide rapid response to crisis situations in Europe and Africa. We are always ready to respond within hours. Beyond this, we do not discuss the specific details on the alert levels. He also added that “Forces assigned to the U.S. Army’s Southern Europe Task Force, as well as those crisis units, are in constant contact with Army Europe and Africa Command and higher commands appropriate.” Asked about the “feeling” of commanders and officers, he answered, “We continue to ensure that we are ready to provide a rapid response, maintaining a high level of training and operational readiness.” (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Carabinieri celebrated the Virgo Fidelis, their patron saint – November 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZAOn Nov. 21, the sanctuary of Monte Berico welcomed the Carabinieri of the provincial command, gathered to celebrate their patron saint Virgo Fidelis, as well as the 81st anniversary of the heroic defense of the Culqualber stronghold, one of the last bloody battles in Africa in 1941. “Loyalty is the founding value of the Carabinieri,” said Provincial Commander Col. Giuseppe Moscati. “This morning, I like to think that it radiates vibrantly from this splendid panoramic square, over which our beloved tricolor symbol of national unity is waving, an embrace that unites the Carabinieri with every inhabitant of the province of Vicenza.” The religious ceremony was celebrated by the military chaplain, Don Corrado Tombolan. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Vicenza, amusement industry mourns the loss of Alberto Zamperla – November 21, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZAThe leader of one of the world’s leading amusement ride manufacturers has passed away. Alberto Zamperla was 71. He headed the eponymous company founded by his father Antonio Zamperla in 1966. Based in Vicenza, Zamperla provided family-friendly roller coasters and innovative flat rides to theme and amusement parks all over the world, including for Disney, Universal, and Six Flags, as well as Coney Island’s Luna Park. At a recent IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, Zamperla displayed new coaster trains for Cedar Point and Canada’s Playland Amusement Park. “It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Alberto Zamperla, a giant of the amusement industry and a man of immense generosity,” the company posted on its website. “The Zamperla Group has lost an indomitable visionary and pioneer, who has revolutionized the amusement industry while bringing fun to billions of people thanks to his endless creativity. Alberto will be missed by all who got to know his extraordinary love of life, but his spirit will forever be our foundation.” (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Ever heard of a “suspended garden”? Here is how the city is using the idea to help the needy November 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZAThe city of Vicenza is taking the “suspended coffee” idea one step further and is allowing residents to donate produce from their vegetable gardens to someone in need. The “caffe` sospeso” tradition is simple: people pay in advance for a coffee meant for someone who cannot afford a warm beverage. Similarly, people cultivating small plots of municipal land can leave surplus production on a bench for those in need. From the earth to the refrigerator. Or on the bench, available to those in need who can thus count on fresh and free vegetables. “To avoid waste, we decided to put the surplus vegetables on a bench located near the land, so that anyone passing by can pick them up,” said Elio Veronese, president of a local association of urban gardens. “It’s a gesture of solidarity and closeness to those who can't have a garden and maybe can't afford to always go shopping. We notice that even in the gardens cultivated by schools, once they are finished they remain somewhat untended, and there are people who take what grows. We are happy with this.” In total, in Vicenza there are 134 urban gardens that the city makes available to citizens, of which 24 in via Fratelli Bandiera, 20 in via Adige, 72 in via Beroaldi and 18 in Valletta del Silenzio. The gardens are also great ways for the elderly to socialize and spend their time. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Italy records fewer weddings, Vicenza follows national trend November 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The marriage crisis. According to the latest data released by the Italian national statistics institute ISTAT for the first nine months of 2021, the overall number of marriages is half to what it was 20 years ago, and only one out of three couples opt for a religious celebration. In 2000, 563 weddings were celebrated in Vicenza, of which were 374 religious ceremonies. In 2021, the total dropped to 246, with most of the weddings (157) celebrated with a civil rite. In the Vicenza area, the data that catches the eye is the trending decrease of ceremonies and, above all, the collapse of religious ones. If at the end of October this year the numbers of civil ceremonies are even higher than those achieved throughout 2021, the same cannot be said for those celebrated in church, which are decreasing further. In 2021 there were 157 couples who chose the civil ceremony and 89 who opted for the religious one, while this year we are already at 181 for the first but only 63 for the second. If marriages are decreasing, the average age of brides and grooms is on the rise, especially for civil marriages, considering also that the number comprises divorced individuals. On average, those who marry in church are younger. In 2000, the average age was around 31 years for men and 28.7 for women. Today 35.5 for a groom, and 33.4 for a bride. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Neko, the cat café on the Riviera Berica – November 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Matisse is the President, Miciopalla and Sammy are the two senators, 18-year-old twins. Lotte is the adventurer who climbs everywhere. And then there’s Carlotta the cuddler, Coffee the bully from Palermo, Werther, black as night, who falls asleep on your legs, and Felix, always looking for food and caresses. At the Neko Cafè (neko means cat in Japanese) in Via Grancare Basse, at the foot of the Berici Hills, you eat with cats. The manager of the club, a non-profit club where you enter with the Micioclub card, is Angelo di Bari, DJ and globetrotter. The walls are dominated by images of felines, which alternate with a long series of concert posters and photos of singers and musicians who made rock history between the 70s and 90s, with lots of original autographs: from Kurt Cobain to Phil Collins, from Queen to Billy Idol, from AC DC to the Ramones, and many others. “I worked backstage of the biggest concerts - he remembers - I met everyone, except Kiss, who they let no one approach. Apart from those of Jim Morrison and Joy Division, which were given to me by others, all the autographs were done directly to me.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Vicenza to end winter holidays with dedicated market on Jan. 5 and 6 – November 22, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZAThis year’s Epiphany market in Vicenza will sell only quality products, inspired by the Christmas tradition, specially selected. No more junk. The event is scheduled for Jan. 5-6, 2023, in Viale Roma and Piazzale De Gasperi. But there is also another novelty, namely the cancellation of the pre-Christmas fair, an event that has been present in the city for more than 40 years, but which will not be proposed this year. Instead, the Christmas village with the characteristic wooden houses will be set up in the center again, like last year. “During next Christmas we will be able to complete a project in which we have strongly believed since the beginning of our mandate,” explained Vicenza Councilor Silvio Giovine. “The traditional Epiphany fair will be held in Viale Roma and Piazzale De Gasperi, where on January 5 and 6 one will only be able to find quality products, with a Christmas theme selected by the new manager of the initiative, the Non ho l'Età association, already known in the city for the management of the antiques and Unico markets, which will also guarantee a pleasant and harmonious setting with an orderly distribution of the stalls.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Darby Military Community

Former Darby employee turns 100November 22, LivornoPress/Quilivorno

LIVORNO – Luisa Jannotta Zajotti is the new Livorno centenarian. Luisa was born on Nov. 22, 1922, in Caserta, Italy. As a young girl, Luisa moved with her family to Livorno. Here, she completed her studies, being [former Italian] President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi’s school mate. Luisa has always been very proud of this special friendship. After the war, Luisa worked at Camp Darby, then in 1952 she married a naval officer and in 1958, expecting her first child, she joined her husband, first in Naples, then in Rome. She was away from Livorno for some 30 years, also spending a year in the States, and three years in Stockholm, Sweden. Once a widow, she decided to move back to Livorno. Grandma Luisa has always been a very independent woman. Now, her health is not what it used to be, but for her there will be a nice little party organized by her son Guido, daughter-in-law Paola and dear grandson Giacomo, age 12. Mayor Luca Salvetti sent her a rose with warm wishes on behalf of the city. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Livorno Aquarium ranked third for quality of serviceNovember 22, Livornotoday

LIVORNO – The Institute of Quality and Finance recognized Livorno Aquarium third place nationwide in the specific category. The Livorno facility, which is part of the Costa Edutainment Group, was preceded only by the aquariums of Genoa and Cattolica, obtaining the seal of “Top Service.” Guest satisfaction is one of the guiding principles of Costa Edutainment’s business choices to continue over time to remain a leader in its target market in Italy. Invest, expand, propose, enthuse and educate: the formula that Costa Edutainment carries forward and involves all sectors of the group and affects every single action, from the conception of new exhibits and new experiences for different target audiences to investments on customer care with always constant attention to the quality of content and the customer loyalty relationship, according to a company’s press release. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

A guided tour to discover the Basilica of San Piero a Grado – November 22, Pisatoday

SAN PIERO (Pisa) A guided tour lasting about an hour and a half to discover the Basilica of San Piero a Grado will be held Saturday, Nov. 26. At one time, this basilica stood at the Pisan port where the main mouth of the Arno River flowed into the sea. And it is precisely related to the sea that the legend tells of St. Peter’s landing here during his journey to Rome. The stone and archaeological material emerging inside and outside the present Basilica testify to the life of this place already in Roman times. Excavations begun in the early 1900s have in fact revealed three eras of construction, including the foundations of Roman port buildings, the first church from the 4th century and the second church from the 8th-9th centuries. The cost of the tour is €10, €5 under 16, and free under 10 if accompanied. Reservation is required by writing to citygrandtour@gmail.com (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Guided tour of the Carthusian Monastery of Calci – November 22, Pisatoday

CALCI (Pisa) On Sunday, Nov. 27, it is possible to enjoy a two-hour guided visit of the Carthusian monastery complex of 14th-century foundation. Medieval structures are interwoven with Renaissance and 18th-century ones in a continuous interplay of art and optical illusions. Participants will learn about the details of the life of the monks, a simple and silent life punctuated by times devoted to prayer and manual labor. Certosa di Pisa, Via Roma, 79 Calci. The cost of the guided tour is €15 and €10 under 18. Reservation is required by writing to citygrandtour@gmail.com (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)