CORE glossary


General Terms

Individual story created on CORE.
Pages are a way for organizations to group articles together.
Army Priority
Army Priorities are categories based on the Secretary of the Army’s enduring and focused strategic priorities. These are tracked to ensure public affairs professionals are creating content that aligns with Army communication topics.
Tags are keywords that categorize articles around a particular topic or organization, allowing more people to discover your content on CORE and They are used in search results, in custom news feeds on Pages, and on published articles under Related Stories. You can follow tags if you want to filter articles about a particular interest in your All Content feed.

Article & Inbox Actions

Delete moves a draft or released article to the creator’s Deleted Inbox list. While the creator of an article can restore it to a draft, the overall intention of deleting an article is to remove it from CORE, since it will not be publicly released.
Reject removes a “Pending Review” article from an Editor’s Inbox and sends it back to the creator’s Draft list. This is an indication that the article needs more work before it is ready to be released.
Release publishes an article to, making it publicly accessible from its own dedicated URL -
Retract will unpublish a released article. This removes it from the Editor’s Inbox and sends it back to the creator’s Drafts.
Scheduling allows users to set a future release date and time for an article. The article will appear in your Released Inbox list, but it will not become publicly available on until
Submitting an article for review sends it to the organization’s editor inbox. This action is limited to Contributors, since they do not have authority to release their own content.
Previewing an article hides all editing functionality, allowing users to see how their live article will appear on multiple devices.

Page Actions

Deactivating page will revert it to a draft status in CORE and remove it from being publicly available on The organization’s administrator can activate and publish the Page at any time.
You must contact the CORE Support Team to delete a page or organization from the CORE Community.
This action publicly releases updates on an organization’s page to

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