Review an article


As an editor, publisher or administrator within your organization, you are in a supervisory role that is responsible for reviewing content submitted by contributors. This gives you a chance to edit articles prior to releasing them publicly. Conversely, you can also reject submitted drafts, sending them back to the creator for additional edits or archival.

Review a submitted article

Once a contributor in your organization submits a new article for review, you will receive an email notification, alerting you that your action is required.

To access articles pending your review:

  1. Click Inbox on the main menu.
  2. From your Drafts and Submissions tab, locate the article that you want to review. A yellow label is displayed above all articles that are pending your review.
  3. Click the title or on the icon to open the article page.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the article.
  5. Once you’re done reviewing, you have a few options
Save your changes as a draft to continue reviewing laterClick Save.
Approve the article for publication on Release at the top right of the action toolbar.
Schedule the article to publish in the futureClick the. Select a date and time and click the Schedule for Release button. To learn more, visit Schedule a Release.
Reject the submitted draftClickand select Reject Article from the dropdown options.
TIP: You can also release or reject a submitted article directly from the Drafts and Submissions tab of your Inbox. Simply click the or the located on the far right side of the pending article that you want to modify.

Approve or reject a submitted article

When you schedule or release an article:

  • The article moves to the Released folder in your Inbox. It is still accessible to the creator and all organization supervisors for future updates, if needed.
  • The article status is changed from Pending Review to Released in the overview section of the article settings. The yellow “Pending Review” label is also removed from your Inbox.
  • A notification is sent to the creator to alert them of the newly released content, pending the user’s account settings.
  • The article is available on the All Content page, Tag Feeds and search results, making it available for other CORE users to post on their organization page or share via their social media platforms.

When you reject an article:

  • The article is removed from your Inbox and moved to the creator’s Drafts folder, tagged with a yellow “Rejected” label.
  • The article status is changed from Pending Review to Rejected in the overview section of the article settings.
  • Only the person that created the article can edit it. Organization supervisors can no longer access the article, unless it is submitted for review again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why didn’t I receive a notification about articles submitted to my Inbox?

Your notifications are managed within your Account Settings. Double check that your settings are turned on for when new articles are sent to your inbox.


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