Change image gallery layout


You can easily create an image gallery by adding multiple images into a collection. Unlike collections that contain a single image, a gallery gives you the option to change the layout and create a custom visual display. You can have multiple galleries throughout your article, each with a different layout.This allows you to take more of a photojournalistic approach to your articles, letting the images tell your story.

If you are new to working with images in CORE articles, we recommend that you start by reviewing this guide on Images.

Image gallery layout options

Image galleries can be displayed in the following formats:

Displays one large image at a time. Visitors can click to move through subsequent images within the gallery. Captions are available beneath the image.
Displays all of your images within a symmetrical grid, two columns wide. Visitors can simply scroll to view subsequent images in your article. The grid automatically adjusts for different device sizes.

Slideshows consolidate your assets, allowing multiple images to occupy the same space in your article. This is great for showcasing your images one at a time and saving space for a clean, simple design. Keep in mind, however, that people will often view the first image as scroll through your article, but miss all of the subsequent content within the slideshow. If you opt for a slideshow layout, ensure that the first image in your gallery is the most important or powerful visual for telling your story.

TIP: While you can add multiple galleries throughout your article, we recommend only using one slideshow per article. Consider mixing up your article layout with a few single images or an additional gallery that uses the grid format.

A grid layout is a great option for showcasing all of your images at the same time and creating a highly visual and engaging article. This layout takes up more real estate on your article compared to a slideshow, but it tends to keep visitors more interested. It is easier and faster to scroll than it is to click through multiple images, so visitors are likely to view and engage with more of your images in this format.

TIP: Regardless of the layout, avoid overloading your galleries. Too many images can distract your visitors’ attention and affect loading times, especially on mobile. We recommend limiting the number of images in your gallery to the five best photographs. To learn more, visit Tips for formatting images.

Change image gallery layout

To change the layout of an image gallery in your article:

  1. Click on any image within the collection you want to edit. A toolbar will appear to the left side of your selected collection.
  2. Click the to display your images in a Slideshow layout.
  3. Click the to display your images as a Grid layout.

You’ll notice that nothing visually changes to the thumbnails within your image collection. In order to see a difference between the gallery layouts, you will need to preview your article. This allows you to see how each layout will appear on various device sizes once your article is released to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my image galleries display on mobile devices?

The way your image gallery appears on mobile depends on the layout that you choose.

Slideshow - Remains as a slideshow. Tap the arrows to navigate to the next image. Click Show Caption to display the image description beneath the image.

Grid - Images automatically adjust to stack vertically. Image captions are displayed below each image.

Remember to always preview your article before releasing to ensure that your image layout is as expected.


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