Delete an image or gallery


You can easily remove images from within the body of your article using CORE’s image collection toolbar.

Removed images will not display when your article is released to However, they are not permanently deleted from your article. If you accidentally remove an image, don’t worry! All previously uploaded images can be added to any collection without needing to go through the upload process again.

To learn more about reusing previously uploaded images, visit Images.

Remove an Image

To remove a single image from your collection:

  1. Click on the image you want to remove. A toolbar will appear to the left side of your selected collection.
  2. Click the in the toolbar to open the Edit Images lightbox.
  3. Locate the image that you want to remove and click the located in the top right corner of the thumbnail.
  4. You’ll notice that the thumbnail disappears and a “Show Previous Uploads” button appears. All removed images are accessible here, if needed.
  5. Click Update to close the lightbox.

Remove an entire collection

To remove an entire image collection from your article:

  1. Click on any image within the collection you want to delete. A border will appear around your gallery to indicate that it is selected.
  2. Click the in the toolbar, or click Delete on your keyboard (Backspace on Windows).
  3. Click Delete from the confirmation dialog box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recover an image removed from my article?

When you remove an image, it is moved to the Previously Uploads section in your Image Editor. This feature allows you to remove images without accidently or permanently deleting them from CORE. These images can be restored at any time. To learn how to recover previously uploaded images, visit Images.

Q: Can I permanently delete an image from my CORE?

At this time, you cannot permanently delete an image from your article. We plan to enhance your image capabilities in the future, giving you more control over your media assets. Stay tuned!


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