FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- Two 10th Mountain Division (LI) brigades have been preparing for future deployments as Security Force Advisory Brigades (SFABs).

The cornerstone of this role within the brigade is the Security Force Advisory and Assistance Team (SFAAT). All members have demonstrated an understanding of their roles and abilities to conduct demanding missions when under pressure during recent National Training Center (NTC) rotations at Fort Irwin, Calif.

In order to identify which of these fully trained teams is the best, 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams recently participated in the 10th Mountain Division's Best SFAAT Competition Dec. 11-12, which focused on the key skills and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that have been acquired for during recent months.

These skills and TTPs were objectively assessed throughout the competition and subsequently used to grade individual SFAATs.

This event will subsequently be repeated for 3rd Brigade Combat Team and 4th Brigade Combat Team, which is located at Fort Polk, La., in the future.

More of this story will be available Dec. 20.