KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- The Afghan Local Police, combat advised by elements of coalition Special Operations Forces, discovered six improvised explosive devices while on patrol in the Zharay district of southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province, Nov. 11.
The forces discovered the IEDs while patrolling the area near a police checkpoint currently under construction in the district.
Once on scene, the ALP identified and extracted four IEDs, each containing about 10 to 15 pounds of homemade explosives. Upon further investigation, the forces identified and extracted two additional IEDs from the area.
After the partnered force discovered the IEDs, they also identified several insurgents moving towards the checkpoint.
"The combined force took the advantage and initiated controlled fire with organic weapons into the wood line," said a representative from coalition SOF. "The insurgents fled the engagement area back northward to a tree line where they set up and fired one (mortar round) at the checkpoint."
"The (joint force) returned fire and requested air support," he added. The insurgents then fled the area. There were no confirmed insurgent casualties.
"Pushing this far forward with the Afghan Local Police has both increased the ALP's operational capacity as well as solidified their legitimacy within the population," he added. "Establishing the first ALP checkpoint in this area brings Afghan government representation inside the village where it has not been in years."
No civilian casualties or property damage resulted from this engagement.