FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) Operations Group Alpha personnel assisted the “All-American” Division to replace the 10th Mountain Division, which is currently overseeing operations in Regional Command, South (RC-S) under NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. The 82nd Airborne Division just completed a mission readiness exercise (MRX) on June 20th, part of a large-scale exercise designated Unified Endeavor 11-3 involving unit staffs located at Fort Hood, Fort Bragg and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. UE11-3 challenged the division’s leaders to interact effectively with the higher command and subordinate task forces assigned to RC-S.

MCTP, formerly known as the Battle Command Training Program, partnered with United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) in conducting the 82nd Airborne MRX. MCTP and USJFCOM worked together to design, develop, plan, and conduct the MRX. MCTP personnel worked the first week of the exercise while USJFCOM completed the second week. The MRX focused on the myriad of challenges the division will encounter in Afghanistan to include counterinsurgency, development and reconstruction.

MCTP assists the Chief of Staff of the Army in fulfilling his obligation to provide trained and ready units to win decisively on the modern battlefield and to conduct contingency operations. The Fort Leavenworth-based group is the U.S. Army’s only worldwide combat training center.

The exercise assisted Maj. Gen. James L. Huggins, the 82nd Airborne Division commanding general, and his primary staff in preparing for the mission command of his forces in Afghanistan. During the MRX, the 82nd dealt with a scenario that included U.S. forces in support of Afghan units in counter-insurgency operations, exercising command and control of a coalition and integrated interagency force, dealing with decision-making on resource prioritization and allocation; developing, planning and executing a single, unified, communications effort; assessing Afghanistan Nation Security Forces; and sustaining the force in an environment that effectively replicates the logistical demands of the operation area.

Maj. Patrick Wentz, movement and maneuver observer/trainer described the exercise as “an excellent opportunity to work with the staff and paratroopers of the All American Division. From top to bottom during this exercise, they excelled at every challenge that was given to them.”

The 82nd Airborne Division has a strong sense of esprit de corps and it showed during the exercise. “They are combat ready and showed great motivation and pride as well as a professional work ethic,” Maj. Wentz added.

Commander of Operations Group Alpha Col. Jack Flowers said, “Alpha and all the other operations groups here in the field worked hard to prepare the 82nd for their critical mission that will greatly assist the government and security forces of Afghanistan.”

MCTP continues to serve wherever needed and provides quality observer/trainers to give the best training possible to units, said Flowers.

MCTP is part of the Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T), which delivers training programs, products and services to leaders and units in support of Army readiness. Wherever Army training occurs, the Combined Arms Center-Training helps make it happen. To learn more about the Mission Command Training Program and CAC-T, visit, or