KILLEEN, Texas- The low-lit ballroom, filled with tables adorned in playing cards and poker chips, was occupied with teenagers dressed in elegant clothing, reminiscing about their past four years together.

The scene described above depicts the Killeen High School Las Vegas-themed Prom held at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center, Killeen, Texas, April 30.

Soldiers from the 15th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, helped sponsor the event by transporting and setting up prom dAfAcor as well as chaperoning the prom itself, said Sgt. 1st Class Nate Conley, a Miami, Fl., native and battalion food sergeant for the 15th BSB, 2nd BCT.

"When the school (KHS) asks for volunteers from the battalion, we always participate in them (school events)," he said.

In addition to chaperoning, the Soldiers also operated games and helped make sure students were being safe while at the prom.

A safe and fun prom was the school's number one priority that evening, said Michael Sibberson, the KHS principal.

KHS prom is an annual event for the 15th BSB, which also supports other school events throughout the year.

The support is greatly appreciated by many of the KHS staff and students, said Sharyn Hall, the student activities coordinator for KHS.

"They have been really wonderful in helping us with setting things up (the prom)," said Hall.

Hall said that the students were very excited to have the Soldiers at the prom.

It was a very memorable evening for students as they had an opportunity to say goodbye to their friends, said Brittany Ayers, a senior attending KHS.

"It (the prom) is a way to celebrate the last four years," said Ayers.

Another senior, Amy Romero, said that the prom was a great opportunity to relax from the stress of her final year in school, and it also provided an ideal place to say goodbye to her classmates.
Knowing prom is the last big event in your high school tenure, saying goodbye can leave you feeling bittersweet, said Ayers.

Ensuring a prom like this one turns out well is no easy task, said Brittanie Whitfield, a teacher as KHS and a junior class co-sponsor in charge of setting up the prom this year. The time frame involved to start and complete was staggering

"The theme was picked in October," she continued. Fundraising began immediately and the school has been ordering decorations since January.

Soldiers from the 15th BSB delivered the decorations from KHS to the civic center, Ayers said.

Some vendors for the prom included Tony's Karaoke & Variety Dance DJ, Killeen, Texas and Heights Studio in Harker Heights, Texas.