FORT SILL, Okla.--It was brutally hot, but teams still competed in the Amazing Fitness Race, kids built sand castles and teams tugged on a rope at the 95 Days of Summer Finale and Beach Party Aug. 14 at Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area on Fort Sill.

The rubber ducks didn't mind the triple digit temperature as they coasted down the water slides, and most of the people at LETRA managed to stay cool by staying in or near the water.

The event ended with April Silva winning the his and hers scooters when her keys started them.

"I have a big family so these scooters will get a lot of use," said Silva. "We just have to figure out a way to get them home."

Kristy Prather, manager of LETRA, said Magic 95 gave away keys to the scooters all summer and one of the keys would start the scooters.

The events

According to Prather, there were four different competitions at the event.

"Kids built sand castles and participated in the duck races. There was also a three-person tug-of-war and the Amazing Fitness Race for those 11 and older," she said. "Winners of the tug-of-war won two-night cabin stays, Seether and Default concert tickets, and bowling certificates."

Three teams signed up for the Amazing Fitness Race and took on the challenge of pitting their wits and physical endurance against each other.

The teams

"All four team members participated in each leg of the race. There was some team building and each individual had to complete a task, some two at a time," said Prather. "It took the whole team to be successful to earn the maximum points for each station, set at 100."

Team 3 won the event. Team members were Summer Hill, Kristen Pfeiffer, Roger Pfeiffer and Gaylon Ryan.

"I work at Mutti's German Restaurant and Annette Wiseman from Magic 95 came in the restaurant to eat. She told me about the Amazing Fitness Race because she knows I'm into fitness. I recruited a couple of my friends and, I ended up recruiting a customer at the restaurant," said Hill.

"I can't believe we won. The paddleboat part of the race was definitely the most physically demanding. It kicked all of our butts. All of us would definitely do it again," said Hill.

Each member of the team won a mountain bike and helmet. Prizes were also given out to the second and third place winners.

New tradition'

According to Prather, there were pontoon boat rides offered throughout the day and free rentals of canoes, kayaks and paddle boats.

"I will definitely plan this event again for next year," said Prather. "I think we will get more participation now that people know what is involved. I think it was a success."

For more information about LETRA, call 442-5854.