FORT HOOD, Texas - Troopers from 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, conducted refresher training, here, on their M3-A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems prior to the start of gunnery.

The six-week training, held at the squadron motor pool, includes getting reacquainted with the vehicle's weapons systems, undergoing maintenance, drivers training and licensing, pre-gunnery training and trouble shooting.

"The training covers all the basics on the vehicle from the exterior to the interior. Even if a trooper has experience, it's still a good refresher," said 2nd Lt. Wesley Kotz, from Clearlake, Iowa, a BFV commander with C Troop.

Kotz said every crewmember receives the same training no matter their position within the vehicle.

"The BFV is a value asset for cavalry scouts. In school, we trained on the much older Operation Desert Storm BFV and we didn't spend much time on them, but the training I am currently going through on the newer M3-A3 BFV is more thorough," said Pfc. Arthur Amey, a cavalry scout with C Troop.

Staff Sgt. Thomas Gruenberg, from Jefferson City, Mo., said the two-to-one student to instructor ratio made the training more effective.

"What makes this training great is that it's personalized. If we have any questions the instructors are right there to answer them," said Gruenberg, a fire support non-commissioned officer assigned to B Troop.

During the last deployment, scouts were mainly using humvees, so this training gives Troopers time on BFV core systems again.

"For us, sustainment training culminates with stabilized gunnery up to Table six. It'll be crew qualification which we will shoot next month," said Maj. Ron Mackay, the squadron's operations officer.

"This training is the gateway to more collective training," he said.