CAMP BUERHING, Kuwait-A handful of Troops from 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry Regiment, 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, traveled to the 25th Commando Military Base to aide in Host Nation Training May 11.
The Host Nation Training consists of teaching the Kuwaiti soldiers working in the motor pool at the base how to use, maintain and repair their equipment.
"This week we are teaching the Kuwaiti soldiers how to use the Maintenance Supply Device, it tells you all the problems that a vehicle is having," said Sgt. 1st Class Richard L. Finsterbush, Motor Sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 1-153 Cavalry Squadron, from Panama City, Fla.
Finsterbush said that they are enjoying the opportunity they have to work with the Kuwaiti soldiers. Since they can teach each other their own methods of operation, his Troops get the chance to learn the Kuwaiti soldiers' way of doing things. He also added that being exposed to the different culture has been an eye opening experience that he will never forget.
One of the biggest challenges that they have is the language barrier, said Sgt. David Wingler, diesel mechanic for A Troop 1-153 Cavalry Squadron. However, they've had a lot of help from the two interpreters that travel with them on their weekly trips to the Commando Base.
"The biggest challenge that they have is that all of the manuals for the equipment
are in English, so hands-on method works well for all of us," said Wingler.
Capt. Abdallah Al Saleh, Battalion Maintenance Officer, 25th Brigade Kuwaiti Army, said that working with the U.S. Soldiers has been very beneficial and he appreciates them taking the time to train his soldiers on the equipment and looks forward to future interaction.
Warrant Officer Salem Abdulahman, 25th Brigade Kuwaiti Army, motor pool chief, said he has enjoyed trading information and methods with the U.S. Army and that he hopes to learn as much as he can from them as well as teach the U.S. Soldiers how he and his people do things.
"If we learn more then we will know more; this is our goal," said Abdulahman.