As well as advising and assisting the Iraqi government and security forces, Soldiers of the 203rd Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division's material redistribution team play an important role in the organization of supplies and equipment of the brigade.

The 203rd BSB leaders ensure all Soldiers involved understand the importance of their job and the impact it has on the mission.

The MRT receives multiple shipping containers which have excess equipment and supplies from across the 3rd HBCT's operational environment.

Once a container is received, it is opened and inventoried, during which time the containers are separated into different categories, including serviceable and non-serviceable.

When the inventory process is complete, the equipment and supplies are redistributed, ensuring nothing is wasted or unaccounted for. This process assists in maintaining combat power.

The Soldiers who make up the MRT rotate so everyone has a chance to perform every job involved at least once during the deployment.

Participating on the MRT also provides Soldiers with the opportunity to meet other members of the battalion who they might not have met otherwise. The bond these Soldiers have with each other fosters morale across the battalion.