Army releases results of Fall 2019 housing surveys

By Army Public AffairsJune 22, 2020

Washington -- The U.S. Army today released the results of two housing surveys conducted at the end of 2019 by an independent third party. The results for Army privatized housing increased slightly over the previous survey, conducted during the spring of 2019, in the overall and service satisfaction scores, with the most noticeable increase in the quality of maintenance. The results for Army-owned and leased housing remained virtually unchanged from the previous survey, with only a slight decrease in satisfaction. The results come amid continuous Army efforts to improve housing conditions as one of its top priorities.

More than 87,000 residents were invited to participate and 21,287 responded, although participation rates were slightly lower than last year for privatized housing.

“Feedback from residents is extremely valuable for measuring and improving the quality of housing on Army installations,” said Mr. Alex Beehler, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment. “The results of this year's survey will be used to continue identifying the concerns of our residents, and will guide Army staff and the private housing companies on ways we can improve the quality of life for our Soldiers and their Families.”

The Army will use the survey results as one of several tools to continue identifying ways to improve housing conditions by enhancing communication with residents, creating and prioritizing action plans to correct deficiencies, and identifying items that are most important to residents.

The goal of these successive surveys is to quantify, compare and evaluate performances over time. Army leaders are committed to further improving housing conditions, and the survey results will help to shape future housing quality and services.

Quality housing for Soldiers and their Families continues to be the Army’s top “Quality of Life” priority, and Army leaders are committed to further improving housing conditions. The survey results will help leaders continue to shape improvements in housing quality and services.

"We are absolutely committed to providing safe and secure housing on every installation, and making every installation an installation of choice for our Soldiers and Families," said Gen. Gus Perna, Army Materiel Command commander. "The action we take from these survey results will be another step to hold ourselves and privatized housing companies accountable to provide a high-quality standard of living and to earn back the trust of our housing residents."

Both surveys were administered online by CEL & Associates Inc., an independent, third-party organization that also conducts housing surveys for the other military services and for the private sector.

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