SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - As personnel movements and redeployments of brigades accelerate, Army Hawaii Family Housing's (AHFH) property management and Actus Lend Lease's construction and renovation teams are working to capacity to prepare homes for Soldiers and their families.

More than 400 families moved into AHFH in June - the second highest number of move-ins since AHFH assumed operations in 2004.

Accommodating the move-ins required a concerted effort between property management teams.

The leasing team worked closely with families to identify a home and community, change of occupancy maintenance (COM) teams prepared homes, and community staff helped families get settled into and acquainted with their new homes and neighborhoods.

"I'm amazed and proud of the amount of work taking place," said AHFH director of property management Lisa Reese. "A tremendous amount of teamwork and coordination is done behind the scenes to help make a family's move to Hawaii as easy as possible."

Renovation of existing homes is also taking place, including work on historic homes.

AHFH project manager Dave Hogan heads up a team of 31 specialists in the necessary trades, such as plumbing, electrical or carpentry. They can only work when a family moves out, and the team often doesn't know the scope of work until they get into a home.

"A milestone our team recently achieved was the conversion of two, two-bedroom duplexes into a five-bedroom unit," said Hogan. "The work was quite extensive and required removing walls, adding a fifth bedroom, removing separating walls to create a larger front porch, and installing new tile, A/C units, light fixtures, bath accessories, and kitchen counters and cabinets."

The project was the first of approximately 24 homes identified for five-bedroom conversion. To date, more than 300 homes have been renovated and approximately 30 are completed each month.

Much more visible is construction. More than 2,400 families are living in a new home, and teams continue to complete nearly 90 homes each month.

In the south region, homes are coming up throughout Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR). Construction of 361 homes in the Bougainville neighborhood wrapped up in June, and more than 60 of the 92 planned homes in the Plumeria neighborhood have been completed.

Site work, demolition and new home construction continue at Skyview, Makai View and AMR's Rim Loop, and at Fort Shafter's Simpson Wisser, Radar Hill and Hauoli Heights neighborhoods.

Nearly all 135 new units at Red Hill have been completed, and the balance is expected to be delivered to AHFH this month.

Teams are just as busy in the north region, with families occupying more than half of the planned 316 new homes in Moyer at Schofield Barracks.

Across the street at Wheeler Army Airfield, demolition and site work are underway in the Aloala and Wili Wili neighborhoods.