U.S. Army Pacific leading defense support efforts in Hawaii

By U.S. Army Public AffairsAugust 16, 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. Army Pacific is overseeing all defense support to civilian authorities in the Pacific theater, and Gen. Charles Flynn, commander of USARPAC, returned yesterday from Maui after meeting with local leaders to determine their emerging requirements to respond to the aftermath of recent wildfires.

As U.S. Indo-Pacific Command's lead for coordinating all federal-level defense support efforts, USARPAC is managing the defense coordinating element that works with FEMA, the lead federal agent, and is integrating all DoD material and operational support efforts with state, county and whole-of-government response efforts.

USARPAC currently has six mission assignments: activation of defense coordination elements, inter-island transportation, support for Schofield Barracks, strategic air transportation, aerial fire suppression, and providing U.S. Army Reserve center-Wailuku as a FEMA incident support base.

Joint Task Force 50, commanded by Army Brig. Gen. Stephen F. Logan, is synchronizing all DoD support to operations on Maui. Logan, who was appointed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as a dual-status commander, has the legal authority to command both National Guard forces operating under state authority (Title 32) and active-duty forces operating under federal authority (Title 10). This integrated command structure, which spans both state and federal authorities, is helping to coordinate all military response to the crisis.

The JTF-50 Civil Support Company is conducting a range of missions, which include access control points to preserve the town of Lahaina for search and recovery of remains, assistance at commodity distribution sites, etc.

The JTF-50 HQ Element and the Title 10 Deputy Dual Status Commander staff are establishing a command post so Brig. Gen. Logan can effectively synchronize the efforts of all forces allocated to Maui.

Defense Coordinating Official–Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers are there to explain DoD capabilities to FEMA planners and local emergency management agencies so they understand all available options.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is assisting with power generation, and is analyzing debris-removal requirements.

The Army's 9th Mission Support Command is providing the U.S. Army Reserve Center-Wailuku as a staging area for FEMA relief supplies.

The 25th Infantry Division and JTF-50 have provided aerial firefighting equipment, and personnel from the 25th ID are being sent to Maui to provide 24-hour fuel resupply to generators that USACE will install.

USARPAC is conducting prudent planning on other capabilities that might be of assistance in support of the crisis response and remains ready to support any other possible missions it may be asked to perform.

For more information, please contact Ms. Katie Nelson, USARPAC Media Operations, at 808-786-0300.