FORT KNOX, Ky. — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require Soldiers and civilians to adjust their way of life, the 36th Annual Army Ten-Miler followed suit with a virtual run Oct. 11-18.The First Army Division East Unit Ministry Team held their inaugural Spiritual Health and Total Fitness week and used it as an opportunity to recognize patron saints.Although there are many patron saints associated with military service, 1AE chose to recognize St. Maurice for infantry, St. Michael for paratroopers, St. Barbara for field artillery, and St. George.The patron saint of cavalry and armor: St. George, lived 1600 years ago and served in the Roman Army’s Praetorian Guard. According to legend, St. George slew a dragon that was oppressing an entire village.“The Army Ten-Miler was in honor of the patron saint of armor: St. George, who is often depicted with his full kit and symbolizes both a physical armor, but also the spiritual armor that comes from being informed by your tradition,” said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Nathan Kline, 1AE Chaplain.“Brigades across First Army Division East are highlighting workouts of the day in honor of different patron saints for the Army’s combat arms branches to represent overall readiness, combat readiness and spiritual health,” Kline added.The ATM is usually held in the nation’s capital, but because of COVID-19, this year it is a week-long event for units and service members to do around the world.Geographically dispersed, First Army has teams participating in the ATM from Camp Shelby, Alabama, Fort Stewart, Georgia, among other locations, all doing their part.4th Cavalry Multi-Functional Training Brigade Chaplain, Maj. Philip Chulwon Jeon, who took part in his first ATM this year had this advice for Soldiers who have doubts about completing the milestone which he acknowledged is initially intimidating.“Don’t let fear grab you to a point where you think that there is no way that I can do this,” said Jeon. "I encourage those that have never done something like this to overcome their fear and try it, because you will fail one hundred percent of the time on things that you never try.”