FORT STEWART, Georgia- Soldiers assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, maintained readiness by conducting convoy operations during a close combat tactical trainer reconfigurable vehicle system convoy escort exercise, Feb. 7, at Fort Stewart, Ga.This training exercise is one of the first steps in preparing Soldiers for an upcoming convoy protection platform gunnery culminating training event in March."This training is part of our crawl, walk, run process," said 1st Sgt. Kenneth Godwin, Headquarters Support Company, HHBN, 3rd ID. "We're familiarizing them with the system by doing dry runs, then making the system a little bit more difficult for them."The computer-based trainers and instructors at the CCTT create virtual combat scenarios to meet the training needs of Soldiers. In this case, the Soldiers were put in a convoy escort scenario that tested their warrior skills. Soldiers reacted to enemy contact and practiced sending reports. The training helped them develop crew chemistry while enhancing communication skills.It is important for Soldiers to have an open and clear mind during the simulation so that they learn something from the experience, said Tim Glaspie, a computer-based trainer and instructor at Fort Stewart."The training was helpful, because the 3D images made it feel like a real operation," said Pfc. Desmond Mair, a wheeled vehicle mechanic with HSC.According to organizers of the training, the goal is for Soldiers to have proficiency in individual, crew-served, and combat platform weapons systems."This is something they don't do every day due to the dynamic of our organization, so it's great to give them this training opportunity," said Godwin.