10th Mountain Division's Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion is a unit like no other, boasting representatives from nearly every military occupational specialty the Army has to offer.The diversity of MOSs allows HHBN to train soldiers on varying skills, increasing the overall readiness of the team.HHBN's formation has mechanics, medics, and even hosts the 10th Mountain Div. Band, among other elements.The battalion remains immersed in various division-level command exercises, and Joint Readiness Training Center rotations.However, leaders and Soldiers do not allow their support of the division to deter from tactical training.On November 19th, Soldiers with HHBN, conducted a two-day live-fire exercise that assessed a squad's ability to navigate, communicate and apply tactical skills to complete a mission."One of the big things with HHBN is that we are support elements, but any scenario can happen; whether you're moving locations or providing security. If that happens, they need to be prepared. Everyone is a Soldier, and everyone needs to be able to do any job," said Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Caudill, Operations NCOIC for HHBN.In preparation for upcoming deployments, Soldiers not only conducted squad live-fire, but are becoming proficient on their assigned weapons, how to react to contact, and also completed cold-weather training.Above all, they understand the importance of cross-training on specialties other than their own."It's important for us to learn how to conduct a squad live-fire because you don't know what can happen," said Spc. Jordan Gainous, an automated logistic specialist. "It's the next man up. You can be called on at any moment, and infantryman and cavalry scouts need help just as much as we do. We are one big family."Some of HHBN recently returned from supporting 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division's JRTC rotation and is preparing for their next division-level exercise in February."Don't look down on support MOSs, we train just as hard as anyone else," Gainous said. "We still go hard at PT, we still do our jobs, and train on basic Soldier tasks. Just because we're support, doesn't mean we aren't able to shoot, protect, and serve."