Troopers from the Regimental Support Squadron "Muleskinner," 3rd Cavalry Regiment, roared the squadron motto, "support the line!" as Lt. Col. Danilo Green, the squadron commander, called the formation to attention.Surrounded by his troopers, Green reflected on the progression of the 450 troopers training, as preparations for their deployment to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif. in mid-October were underway."We must be ready to deploy, defend and support," Green said. "We will take on any challenge the opposing forces can present."The troopers have learned a lot over the past five months as the squadron recently completed the regimental field training exercise, where over 2,000 troopers participated in.As the sole source of support for the regiment, Muleskinner is responsible for managing logistics, medical and maintenance missions for more than 4,000 troops.During the field training, leaders used their experience to facilitate simulated combat conditions for their troopers. Muleskinner troopers pushed through a dynamic multitude of scenarios, which included water and fuel operations and service and recovery missions. Each training objective exposed their troopers to a full spectrum of real-world situations.Logistics troop "Packhorse" and medical troop "Scalpel" worked with the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, during sling load and medical evacuation exercises, while facing opposition forces.Spc. Jimmie Morgan, a senior technician in the Electronics Communications Maintenance Shop said the field training was a new experience for some, and it pushed them out of their comfort zone. For others, it was an opportunity to refine their skills."The experience I gained during the last NTC rotation and deployment helped me communicate the importance of flexibility to my troopers," Morgan said. "You never know when you are going to take fire, so being able to go from repairing radios to defending the forward operating base is critical."Command Sgt. Maj. Amechia Cooley, squadron senior enlisted advisor, said many of the Soldiers who were once privates in the squadron, now find themselves as team leaders during the training cycle and mentoring Soldiers of their own.With the pre-NTC training cycle ending for the squadron, the 3rd Cav. Regt. sets its sights for the battle ahead in the Mojave Desert. Waiting for them are the opposing forces and its insurgent role players.In her second year with the squadron, Cooley said, "Our troopers are tactical and technical experts. We trained hard to maintain logistics support throughout the regiment and displayed expertise in base defense. Our goal is to secure and defend ourselves while simultaneously supporting the line."Story By: Sgt. Rene Rosas and 1st Lt. Preston Quinn, 3d Cavalry Regiment Unit Public Affairs Representatives