This summer, the lights will shine a little brighter in Balkh Province, Afghanistan.The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan District, in partnership with Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A) work to light things up.A local Afghan Construction Company, under the USACE Afghanistan "Delivering the Program", is constructing electrical power infrastructure in Balkh Province, Afghanistan. The project scope involves the expansion of Naiababad Substation, construction of Shaheen Substation, and construction of a 220kV transmission line between Naiababad and Shaheen Substations.In addition, there will be a 20kV distribution line to the Afghan National Army (ANA) Bases Camp Shaheen and Dashti Shandian. Upon completion, this project will enable the Afghan National Army to utilize electricity from the national power grid instead of using diesel-generated power on a full-time basis. These installations will retain diesel generators as a backup."The impact of this project is significant," said Amy Holmes, Power Program Manager, "because it will improve the quality of life for the ANA stationed in this region." These improved facilities will enable the Afghan fighting force to bring security to Balkh Province. "Energy is the foundation of infrastructure; to generate employment opportunities and development, and in turn, security, Afghanistan must first generate power." - MOHAMMAD HUMAYON QAYOUMI (Chief Infrastructure and Technology Advisor of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani)