The South Korean Ambassador to Afghanistan, Rhee Zha Hyoung, visited Bagram Airfield Oct. 15-16, 2018.During the visit, he toured the Bagram Korean hospital. The facility, which closed in 2015, was donated and staffed by the Republic of Korea and cared for nearly 300,000 patients and provided vocational training to more than 900 students.The hospital was supported by the Republic of Korea Provincial Reconstruction Team and its successor, the Korea Bagram Office, as part of the nation's contribution to international peace and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. At its peak, the facility had a staff of 11 doctors--six from Korea and five from Afghanistan--who saw more than 200 patients a day.While on the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan, Rhee also visited a memorial site to pay tribute to Staff Sgt. Yoon Jang-Ho. Yoon was serving as an English translator in Afghanistan as a member of the Task Force Dasan, a dispatched engineering unit of the Republic of Korea Army. He was killed during a suicide bomb attack at the base's front gate February 27, 2007. Yoon was the first member of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces to be killed by enemy action since the Vietnam War.Rhee was escorted by and spent time with the Area Support Group Afghanistan (ASG-A) Commander Col. Jacob Peterson. The ASG-A provides base life support services for more than 35,000 personnel throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area Afghanistan.Those personnel include U.S. military, DOD Civilians, Contractor and Coalition Forces contributing to the NATO-led Resolute Support Train, Advise and Assist Mission. ASG-A base life support services encompass everything from law enforcement and public works to billeting, food service and quality of life.