Soldiers from the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), Fort Meade, Md. rapidly deployed two separate five-member teams to Orange, Texas and Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

Their expeditionary mission was to capture the Army's hurricane support effort and provide battle field assessments to various agencies joining in the hurricane response effort, including the FBI and FEMA.

A Combat Camera team deployed to Orange, Texas attached to the Texas National Guard's 1-124th Cavalry Squadron, where they supported joint agency and Army rescue efforts.

The photographers captured photos of 1-124th Soldiers bringing a child onto a Tactical Vehicle, while more Soldiers carried flood victims to safety.

Less than a month after Hurricane Harvey, 55th Combat Camera Soldiers were deployed to Puerto Rico to document the massive destruction by Hurricane Maria.

They deployed with the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade and later transitioned to Army North Public Affairs Office. The 101st CAB conducted medical evacuation and relief efforts to support FEMA and in the recovery efforts.

The combat camera team operated all over the island providing battle field assessments and documenting the Army's relief effort, and also acting as translators during various missions.

While operating in Jayuga, Puerto Rico, the photographers observed a 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Soldier pull a group of children to safety and distribute medical equipment to citizens of the town.

Also in Jayunga, COMCAM captured a photo of citizens unloading food and water from a 101st CAB UH-60 Black Hawk.