Bayji National Ammunition Depot, Iraq - Iraqi Army leaders met with Sustainers from the 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) at the Bayji National Ammunition Depot, Iraq on Jan. 26.

The leaders met to discuss the Iraqi Army capacity to issue, store, receive, secure and account for munitions. Discussions centered on processes and procedures to conduct munitions support, as well as developing planning processes for replenishment of stocks through the foreign military sales process and forecasting future requirements and how the IA and 3rd ESC may partner together in the future.

One of the IA leaders in attendance, Brig. Gen Mohammedali Kathem, Director of Ammunition for the IA, said, "the visit was very successful and beneficiary for me," citing the productive meeting between IA and 3rd ESC leaders.

The depot has a history of partnered success, since working with the logistics military advisor team from multi-national security transition corps Iraq, the depot, has had no security issues.

"We still think they need to do some work to define what their policies and their procedures are. To get those [policies and procedures] published so that there is clear understanding and communication across all levels of how logistics will work," said Lt. Col. Billy Hall, the chief of Iraqi security forces transition team for the 3rd ESC.

Brig. Gen. Suhail Ibrahim, BNAD installation commander and Mohammedali led a tour of the depot including facilities where serviceable ammunition is stored and unserviceable ammunition is destroyed. During the time spent together, the leaders from both the IA and the 3rd ESC discussed transportation, disposal, accountability, security and safety in dealing with the ammunition.

"I want to thank all the Coalition forces for their support ... and for any support they plan to provide in the future," said Mohammedali.