It is important to the Commando BCT to honor our history. Our troopers assigned to 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 1-89 CAV (RECON), had an opportunity to pay tribute to their past during the McChrystal - Briles Competition, July 23.The event is named after Lt. Col. Herbert J. McChrystal and Staff. Sgt. Herschel F. Briles.McChrystal, in 1941, became the first commander for the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion; a precursor to 89th Cavalry Regiment.Briles earned the Medal of Honor for his gallantry during a fire fight near Scherpenseel, Germany in 1944.Each troop within the squadron assembled a team of seven Soldiers, a total of five teams, to participate in the round-robin structured competition to test Soldier tasks, skills and physical stamina.The seven challenging events included rope climb, vehicle maintenance, obstacle course/casualty medical lane, weapons assembly, establishing radio communications, river crossing, and an electronic weapons simulator. Teams also moved from one event to another on foot with a fully loaded ruck on their back.In a final surprise rope climb event Bravo Troop beat Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, breaking the tie and earning their place in Cavalry history.