YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Servicemembers on teams from each of the U.S. Army garrisons in Korea competed during a basketball tournament at Camp Humphreys, March 15-16.

Two teams from each of the U.S. military 'Areas' in Korea participated in the Army Korea Basketball Tournament. According to Michael S. Lee, sports programs manager for USAG Yongsan FMWR, the face-off has become a sports institution here.

"The basketball tournament in Korea began more than 20 years ago," Lee said. "The title of the tournament used to be the Eight Army Basketball Championship, but that changed a few years ago."

The two teams hailing from Yongsan this year were the 1st signal brigade 'Bay Boys' and the 2-2 ASLT team 'K-Town.' The previous tournament's final match was against these two Yongsan teams, scoring 55 to 38 by the 1st signal brigade team.

Jeffrey L. Cupitt, a player and coach for the Bad Boys, shared his thoughts about competing in the tournament.

"We've put a lot of effort into practicing. Since we are active duty members we had to practice in our own time during the weekends, in the morning and in the evening," Cupitt said. "It's been really difficult for us to practice and I'm sure that it was the same for all the other teams, so I'm proud of all of us. It's a privilege to get to know, and compete against, the teams here."

Neither of the Yongsan teams made it to the finale this year. The championship match between the Daegu team and the Red Cloud team resulted in a score of 68 to 64, with the trophy going home with the Daegu players.

The next Pen-side Army championship is volleyball, scheduled for 17-18 May at Camp Carroll. The annual softball championship is slated for 26-27 July. As with the basketball tourney, two teams from each AREA will represent their turf for local bragging rights in Korea.