FORT BENNING, Ga., (Sept. 11, 2013) -- The Army's Infantry, Armor and Cavalry communities are coming together for the 2013 Maneuver Warfighter Conference in McGinnis-Wickam Hall, which runs through Friday.

Keynote speakers from across the Army will address the conference's theme, "Developing a Common Vision to Adapt the Maneuver Force for the Challenges of Tomorrow."

The annual conference contributes to the combat effectiveness of the Army by addressing the Maneuver Warfighter Challenges, 11 issues that focus on the MCoE's efforts to develop comprehensive solutions for future armed conflicts.

During the conference, attendees will have access to presentations on current best practices for live, virtual, constructive, and gaming training as well as panel discussions on training initiatives and emerging technologies.

To enable maximum participation, "virtual" attendees may attend portions of the conference online using Defense Conned Online. All virtual attendees should have a DCO account to view conference briefings in real time. Guest accounts are available at for those without a DCO account. For more information about this service, go to and click on the DCO tab.

For assistance with a DCO account contact Rhonda Cole,, 706-545-6913 or Rich Ito,, 706-545-5936.

The presentations will be delivered throughout the week, focusing on issues affecting the Army, particularly the Infantry, Armor and Cavalry. A complete schedule of events is available online at

To achieve the goals of the Maneuver Center of Excellence's professional development forums, while reducing cost of conference and travel expenses, this year's Maneuver Warfighter Conference will also feature topics and discussions previously set aside for the Recon Summit.

In conjunction with the conference, defense industry contractors will showcase their products Sept. 11-12 on York Field.

The conference has encompassed both Infantry and Armor since 2011. It is now a fully comprehensive forum representing all three maneuver disciplines present at Fort Benning; Infantry, Armor and Cavalry.

To further reduce costs, much of the coordination and sharing of ideas within each branch, once conducted face-to-face, is now shared during quarterly telephone conferences.