Combined Arms Center -- Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 6 March 2013 -- The Combat Studies Institute (CSI) has released its first multimedia interactive historical study titled Vanguard of Valor: Small Unit Actions in Afghanistan, Enhanced Edition which is now available in the Apple iBooks format. By taking advantage of the latest technology, the new iBook offers eight immersive accounts of combat actions in Afghanistan. This iBook is CSI's first book that tells the Army's story in a fully interactive manner. The chapters in the book include interactive features such as:
• 3D digital terrain views
• Video from combat actions
• Interactive digital models of weapon systems and vehicles
• Interactive maps and charts

Over the last decade, the Combat Studies Institute has offered both the Army and the public historical accounts of contemporary operations. This enhanced edition of Vanguard of Valor serves to document the combat experiences of Soldiers at the platoon and company levels in Afghanistan. Because of its immersive features, the book is ideally suited for use in the Army leader development system where the interactive elements will lead to enhanced understanding of tactics, leadership, and the raw courage often displayed by US Soldiers in the heat of battle.

To download the interactive edition of Vanguard of Valor to iBooks on your Apple iPad, go to:

The Combat Studies Institute provides a wide range of military historical and educational support to the Combined Arms Center, Training and Doctrine Command, and the United States Army. CSI researches, writes, and publishes (via the CSI Press) original interpretive works on issues of relevance to our Army and the defense of our Nation. The Institute conducts an Oral History program that collects experiences from contemporary operations. CSI also conducts Leader Development opportunities in the form of virtual and live battlefield Staff Rides for the Army. For more information on CSI, visit the CSI web site at

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