Master Sergeant Robert A. Smith, the senior Equal Opportunity advisor and EO noncommissioned officer in-charge for 3rd ID receives congratulations from EOA peers Sgt. 1st Class Bryan Harrison (3rd ID EOA/DSARC Fort Stewart), and Sgt. 1st Class Sherry Williams (EOA/DSARC Ft. Riley) upon being named United States Army 2010 Equal Opportunity Advisor of the Year.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - A Marne Soldier was recognized as the United States Army 2010 Equal Opportunity Advisor of the Year at the 2010 Diversity & Leadership Training Symposium, held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., Dec. 16.

Master Sergeant Robert A. Smith, the senior EO advisor and EO noncommissioned officer for 3rd Infantry Division received the honor for being the most outstanding EO advisor, for achievements in support of EO during 2010.

In the year Master Sgt. Smith was recognized as the top in his field, his work included the development of a Sexual Assault Awareness program and conducting contractor sexual assault training with foreign nationals while deployed.

"He helped develop a one-of-a-kind sexual assault prevention program for deployed Soldiers, which included program development, newly-created metrics and training allowances for contractors, Army Civilians, foreign nationals and third country nationals," said Lt. Col. Shatrece Buchanan, the 3rd ID EO officer in charge. "There is a certain fervor about him; He has an incredible ability to connect with people on any level, from a general to a private."

The ability to identify with diverse groups of people comes from his belief of equality of everyone, he said.

"I enjoy my current assignment as a senior EO advisor because as EO advisors, we have a unique skill set unmatched by most professions," said Master Sgt. Smith. "I believe that dignity and respect towards each other, regardless of an individual's background, is paramount to the rapidly changing diverse Armed Services."

His unique ability to connect with all people is something that helps him excel in his position.

"His ability to boldly address leaders and compassionately address sensitive issues, coupled with an uncanny knowledge of his EO craft sets him apart," said Lt. Col. Buchanan. "Most importantly, his heart is so in tune with the needs of the Soldier, he is able to connect to all people and get to the core of a Soldier's concern and pain."

Equal opportunity advisors are trained to assess any organization and assist them through focus group sessions, observations, interviews, general or specific command climate surveys, interpret and compiling statistical analysis.

"What sets him apart [from other EOAs] is that everything he puts his hands on not only makes 3rd ID thrive, but the products he develops make the entire Army better," said Lt. Col. Buchanan.

Despite all of the personal accolades Master Sgt. Smith has received, he remains strong in the belief of teamwork.

"The job itself is all the reward I need," said Master Sgt. Smith. "The impact of this award is profound, and although the award is an individual award, it could not have been achieved without a team effort of all the EO advisors. This award demonstrates what we have done as a team and as a division."

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