3rd SB_Father's Day
Specialist Anthony Page, 10th Trans. Co., 260th QM Bn., and new father, talks to his wife, Maggie, following his redeployment ceremony, May 28.

Father's Day can sometimes be taken for granted.

We receive our ceremonial tie and chalk it up to just another calendar day. But for Spc. Anthony Page, 10th Transportation Company, 260th Quartermaster Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, this Father's Day will be one that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Specialist Page returned from his 15-month deployment on Memorial Day prepared to slip into a new role: daddy. While on his deployment, his baby girl, Reagan Page, was born. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to travel up to New England to meet his new child.

"I have only been able to see her in pictures and hear her on the phone," he said. "It's been really tough waiting."

He and his wife, Maggie, knew there was a possibility he wouldn't be home for the birth or most of the pregnancy. While overseas, Spc. Page said that when he found out that she was about to deliver, he sat up all night and was a nervous wreck.

"I was really anxious because I wanted to be there," he said. "I just had to stay positive and do the best I could."

The Family did its best to keep him informed during the next few weeks. The first time Spc. Page was able to see his baby girl was in a photograph sent via email.

"She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful," said Spc. Page grinning. "I didn't know what to say. I was completely speechless."

Specialist Page doesn't have big plans for his return home. His main concern is to just be there and help out.

"I am excited to get up there and see Maggie and Reagan, to see the Family, to finally be a Family," he said.

He wants to spend time with them, help out around the house and take some of the stress of everyday life off their shoulders, he said.

Maggie said she will welcome the extra help around the house because Reagan is fussy so she spends a lot of her time holding and comforting her, which leaves little time for other things. Maggie also knows that the initial meeting between father and daughter will be stressful.
Initially, it will be tough for him, Maggie said, because Reagan doesn't know him. She doesn't know his voice or what he looks like. There will be a period of adjustment. Despite this, Spc. Page hopes for the best.

"She will cry, I know she's going to cry," Spc. Page said. "As long as I let her know that I'm there to take care of her, then I hope things go smoothly."

Both Maggie and Spc. Page expect the reunion will be filled with tears and happiness since they will be seeing each other for the first time in almost a year. They plan on celebrating a lot of firsts when they see each other, including Spc. Page's first Father's Day.

"I am so happy," he said. "I never thought I would be a father this soon in life, but I wouldn't change a thing."

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